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Marjan is so sweet and floral with some faint green aspects. Amber and spicy notes are very apperant in this one gives a warm spice vibe, more in the stream of great steak rather than a spiced drink. It is more like a mellow, laid back but rich and sensual experience. The oud is exotic and relaxing. It is anciet and precious. The smells like spring evenings where a huge vase of flowers is stading in the wide open window. Woody, warm, fresh, spicy, oriental, elegant, sweet, sensational, lovely and breathtaking feminine.

The floral notes, pine tree, amber, oud and patchouli bledn very harmonious and leave a sweet and delicate trail wherever you go. The dries down quickly to leave wood and saffy there to play, the oud watching the rambunctious two until they wind down. Marjan is for the daring lady who wants to make her presence known. lovely oil scent it makes you think of romance, first kisses and holding hands. The price is amazing for the quality you get.
29th March 2016