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There are 3 reviews of Tobacolor by Christian Dior.

If this fragrance were a song it would be Sweet by Cigarettes After Sex.this scent screams date night,this scent screams sex.this is thick syrupy honey and cherry pipe tobacco on me.the tobacco here is sweet,rounded,elegant,and well grounded. it reminds me of times enjoying a sweet cuban cigar sipping on a scotch or quality bourbon. irresistible, seductive,alluring:these describe it well.

Very sexy while the plum and honey are a heavy opening,it slowly disappears into a beautiful harmony and waves of tobacco,wood,and a wafting of warmth.the honey in this reminds me Back to Black more so in the opening.while the opening is more feminine to me it changes to a rather manly scent after 1 - 2 has a sweetness of smell like autumn leaves.if you love Tom Ford TV then this is a nice surprise for you.
Aug 12, 2021

Really enjoying this one.

Tobacco, honey, peach, smoke. The tobacco is quite prominent but is also very sweet. Kind of a cross between something like Red Tobacco & Oajan. Not sure It's something I personally want or need at this moment in time but very nice nevertheless. If you enjoy sweet tobacco fragrances then you will be in for a real treat. Good performer.
Apr 23, 2021

Tobacco and honey. Solid Performance
Apr 11, 2021

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