Tobacco Vanille 
Tom Ford (2007)

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Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford

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About Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford

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Tom Ford
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Tom Ford
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 Part of Tom Ford's Private Blend Collection.  The company say:

Tom Ford's affection for London inspired this scent, reminiscent of an English Gentleman's Club...

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Reviews of Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford

There are 216 reviews of Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford.

A nice spiced tobacco opening that I really enjoyed, with vanilla emerging as a supporting player. But later in the dry-down, the vanilla just overtakes everything, and diminishes into a super sweet layer of powder on my skin. This stage just smells like a cheap candle an killed the fragrance for me.

The opening is a bit potent and some notes may be slightly off-putting. It's not overly animalic or anything disgusting, but some people get a "hay" note. The opening is meh, but the drydown is pretty nice. It's a dense and thick vanilla, not airy like Guerlain's SDV or Eau Duelle. The price is a bit steep but maybe it's worth it since this lasts for days and projects really well.

I've heard that Al Haramain amber oud tobacco edition smells almost identical to this one...

As with so many TF fragrances, TV has been on my buy list for so long based on my memory of testing it on my skin many years ago. I finally got the opportunity to purchase it.. Clearly it has been reformulated and sadly a much more synthetic shadow of it's former self.

Typically strong and impactful Tom Ford fragrance but, after the initial application, it settles down to overwhelmingly cloying, sweet vanilla. If that's your bag, then it delivers but not for me

This scent is the essence of sex (Boomerang film reference). You have tobacco, vanilla, spices (most likely clove and cinnamon) and it just smells so good. It's masculine but also sweet and sexy. I have gotten a ton of compliments on this scent and it's my girlfriend's favorite scent I own.

Wow. This one is a banger. Absolutely love it.

Opening is very spicy with plenty of vanilla and the mixture of tobacco. After a little while the spiciness tones down a little and you get a beautiful balance of all the notes that make up this brilliant stuff.

Very nice. Definitely bottle worthy.

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