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Tom Ford (2013)

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Reviews of Tobacco Oud by Tom Ford

There are 32 reviews of Tobacco Oud by Tom Ford.

The opening blast is really the only time when the two eponymous core ingredients are present concurrently:

The tobacco is an mix of dry stale cigars - without the sandy undertone typical, for instance, of Sumatra cigars; it is more on the earthy side. The oud is rather discreet, pleasantly mixing the woodsy with a gently spicy undertone. Soon it disappears, leaving behind a more nonspecific woodsiness that occasionally displays characteristics of a faint sandalwood impression.

Soon the main part of this creation becomes evident: a delightful sweetly restrained triad of oriental spices, with a darker coriander complimenting a deeper labdanum very aptly; a cistus gives them a crispier and brighter touch. The latter received another touch of brightness by a slightly bitter castoreum that develops at a later stage. Towards the end, a soft and light-bodied patchouli delivers a rather innocuous boost.

The last note added over the final third of its development id a medium-bodies dark coffee impression.

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection, and seven hours of longevity on my skin.

Apart form the nigh-absence of the oud, this autumn scent in quite good; it combines an original spice impression based on fairly common ingredients - not an easy feat - with some more generic components that make some stretches less convincing towards the somewhat anaemic end. 3.5/5
Jun 5, 2021

Full-spectrum tobacco, now with extra amber calories. No one could accuse Tobacco Oud of being skimpy, even if the oud is missing in action. This is a rich tobacco smelling of opening long closed wooden wardrobes and of bone-dry leaves, before a peaty moistness creeps in. Sweetish, yet with an almost umami meatiness to it. It’s backed by a nice raw, stripped wood accent (cedar). Impressive for a short while, I find the lack of any deviation from the gents’ club vision of tobacco from which this thing seems to have sprung wears me down.
Sep 18, 2020

A slightly sweet spicy/ashy boozy tobacco

A Fantastic boozy slightly sweet whiskey, spice (cinnamon), ashy tobacco (including unlit cigars) with some benzoin and amber in the drydown. Excellent performance.

Overall score: 9.2/10
Jul 9, 2020

I tried this a few times before submitting my review.
First off, in what I think is typical Tom Ford fragrance, is the hit of the initial spray. It’s strong and sweet.
Definitely a tang of tobacco leaf and a hint of spice with cedar in the background. The performance is top notch. Projection is just right and, boy, does it last. I can spray this on in early evening and it’s still there in the morning, albeit with that ‘clean shirt’ smell.
It’s on my wrist as I write and I cannot resist frequent sniffs. Perfect.
The irony is that a TF Oud does not match up to this one and I’m at a loss as to why.

Day 3 of wearing this fragrance and it’s getting to the point of addiction. I give it a small spray on my wrist just to be able to smell it. TBH I can’t understand why anyone would buy Creed Aventus over this.

If I have one criticism is that you have to be careful not to over do the application. A couple of sprays is enough. Any more and it’s too heavy a projection and it’s then also too much sillage.
Apr 30, 2020

The best description here from Mistertaz albeit making this sound more interesting than it actually is, is :" a dry smoky spiced amber" and that it's fairly linear. In reality it is subtle if not insipid and unidimensional.
This is supposed to be Tobacco Oud. Do we have tobacco or oud here? No. Is the joke on us after the invoice? Yes.
I have since obtained another decant from a reputable source.
It smells completely different and I get mild tobacco and oud but nothing special or particularly interesting but its not amber.
The ebay seller for my first decant is: bedavi-416 you have been warned.

Fragrance: 6.75/10
Projection: 7.5/10
Longevity: 7.5/10
Apr 14, 2020

To me, this is a wetter, boozier version of Tauer's l'air du desert marocain. Lots of amber, smokey spices, boozy richness and of course, tobacco. The opening has some punch but settles down in time, maybe an hour or two.

Feels best in cool weather due to its heavy nature. Casual or formal can both work here.

If you use 3-4 sprays, the performance is just good, with solid projection and longevity in the 8-9 hour range. If you overspray, it can get out of hand and blanket a room.
Feb 26, 2020

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