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Tobacco by Franck Boclet

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Tobacco is a shared scent launched in 2014 by Franck Boclet

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Reviews of Tobacco by Franck Boclet

There are 9 reviews of Tobacco by Franck Boclet.

It's ok, but not great, and I certainly wouldn't buy it. I'm actually using my 5mL decant as bathroom spray right now and it emanates through the rest of the master suite and lingers, to an annoying extent. As several others have mentioned, it has a cheap scented candle feel to it. Too sweet for something called "Tobacco", and I also don't agree with the comparisons to Tobacco Vanille. The latter is better quality, albeit at a significantly higher price. More importantly, the dusty, smoky smell of tobacco is far more prominent, with vanilla playing the complementary part (like the name suggests). Tobacco is decent as a composition, but doesn't suit my tastes, and the scent is not what the name suggests.

Leathery smooth soft vanillic resinous benzoin...I adore this. I can see the comparison with Tobacco Vanille because the clove is marked here, but this is SO much smoother and more subtly blended than Tobacco Vanille, which is very bold and can wear harsh on me. Franck Boclet Tobacco is much closer to my nose to Cuir d'Orient by Sous le Manteau, but with clove added. This is beautiful, unisex and wonderful. Much better than Tobacco Vanille to me. This is nearly edible.

Pure bliss in a bottle. A delicious pipe tobacco scent. It is not overly heavy. The tobacco is fresh and smooth, providing structure in the heart without ever becoming too strong. Very similar to TF Tobacco Vanilla but this one is less strong and easier to wear. The vanilla, tonka bean and benzoin really shine through, but mix so perfectly with the tobacco note makes this scents very sweet, sensuous, cuddly, warm, sublime, elegant, cozy, subtle, irresistible and gentlemanlike.

The opening is thoroughly desert sweet and will appeal to people with a liking for gourmand scents. On the heart notes the tobacco mixed with the cloves gives off a subtle sharp kind of peppery tobacco like tone. And finally a lush vanilla-benzoin accord which is soft and sweet holding everything together at the base notes gives a comfortable and warm embrace of him while on the bridge for a dramatic and romantic moment that makes the winter season warmer than the summer for you. Perfect for gourmand perfume lover who wants a bit of an edge.

Franck Boclet Tobacco EDP (sample) -

Like, but not Love. I could see wearing this one around the holidays as it is not overpowering or too sweet so it won't make all of your food taste like cake frosting.

My main issue with this fragrance is that it smells exactly like a scented candle. More often than not, I don't fancy to smell like a candle. Even an expensive, extra fancy one. I was hoping the vetiver in the base would add a bit of smoke, but it wasn't meant to be.

For tobacco frag heads, this definitely leans unisex and the tobacco note is well balanced with the dried fruits. A much more subtle composition overall than Tobacco Vanille.

2.5 stars.

It's quite nice. A rich and dark and sweet spiced-plum-and-tobacco. It does bleed over into Christmas candle territory a tad, but is more aromatic and wearable than some in this space.

A more elegant brother of TF TV. The opening is almost the same but smoother on this one.

IMO is better than TV and more classy and smells more natural. Not to mention the tobacco notes are better here and the vanilla is not an atomic bomb like in his brother.

Prunes + honey notes mixed with tobacco leafs, amber, vanilla, tonka beans and benzoin makes Tobacco the best from all Franck Boclet's perfume list.

On my skin it lasts 10 hours + and i always get compliments.

Projection - 9/10

Sillage 8/10

Longevity 9/10

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