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Molton Brown (2015)

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Tobacco Absolute by Molton Brown

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Tobacco Absolute is a shared scent launched in 2015 by Molton Brown

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Reviews of Tobacco Absolute by Molton Brown

There are 6 reviews of Tobacco Absolute by Molton Brown.

A good neroli/citrus opening, with a herbal aspect and some late, light leather. I don't particularly get the tobacco connection, and although it develops, lasts (in a very light-wearing way), and is liked in the house, I can't get too excited about it. Perhaps if you're just thinking of experimenting with the tobacco/leather spectrum it's a decent gateway; personally I'm on harder stuff right now.

The citrus opening, made more interesting by adding elemi, is nicely done. The grapefruit-cum-orangey side is fresh and pleasant.

The drydown adds woodsy undertones, and here the tobacco comes out. Quite a restrained version it is, and it reminds me of fruit-flavoured pipe tobacco.

The base adds touches of a balsamic and herbal tones, merging with the tobacco but without any medicinal characteristics.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection and six hours of longevity on my skin.

A very agreeable scent for warmer autumn days, nicely composed and neither generic nor too synthetic. It has a traditional bent without being stuffy. 3.25/5.

First, lets dispel some myths regarding the performance. As seems to be the case with the Mesmerising Oudh Accord EDT (and so I wouldn't be surprised if the same with other MB EDTs), my bottle of TA was very fleeting at first before blossoming after a couple of weeks or so of usage to providing very good longevity indeed. Projection? Well, other people have commented on it late in the afternoon when I think it has retreated, so no complaints there, either.

Now to the scent itself. I probably waxed lyrical a tad too much in my review of MB's popular Mesmerising Oudh Accord EDT - to me there is a more noticeable (though not off-putting) synthetic element in that fragrance, at least early on. TA does not seem to be as well received, probably because despite its name tobacco is not particularly prominent, but I actually prefer it: it feels more rounded, is a lovely woody fragrance - think cedar with added rich, dark woods - and is definitely more versatile.

So, tobacco is not the big player here. The tobacco note although subtle is nicely blended, however. I get a brief grapefruit in the opening but this is almost at once muted by the elemi. That elemi note sticks around and I believe is responsible for lending a very slight pine fresh green accord which blends with the woods and nutmeg (did I mention nutmeg? Well, there is a tonne of it in TA) to produce an almost outdoorsy feel. The overall light feel of TA contributes to this as well, as despite the elemi and balsam, this is no heavy, ‘thick' fragrance. Imagine strolling through an English wood, complete with the odd coniferous here and there, before retiring to a stately home, or more likely a gentleman's club, with dark wooden panneled walls, leather chairs and a light, lingering aroma of previous patrons' pipe tobacco. That's what I get from TA. It's an easy reach fragrance - not heavy or challenging, just a very nicely done, fresh woody fragrance.

TA's drydown becomes cleaner and slightly soapy - a base accord I also detect in the Mesmerising Oudh EDT. In TA, this works nicely as it gradually smooths out the nutmeg and lends a softening freshness to the woods. All in all, TA is one of my favoured woody fragrances and it shines in cooler temperatures. A definite thumbs up.

A spicey tobacco scent with a big dose of cumin in the beginning that later settles down to a nice, soapy, woody (cedar) accord.

Projection is good out of the gates but settles down quickly to a skin scent that's pretty much gone in 4 hours.

A truly beautiful tobacco accord achieved by simply mixing the tobacco note with leather and woods while maintaining a sort of transparency -- it never feels heavy. The top notes are so fleeting, I can't describe them especially any hints of grapefruit.

The fragrance performs well for me in all aspects and all for under £40. I would rather have 4 bottles of this than 75ml of Tabarome and most other niche 'tobacco' fragrances actually.

This is a very nice fragrance. Not too overpowering. The grapefruit note creates a nice balance for the tobacco/leather accord. It was good for a couple of hours and I would view this as a good fragrance for evenings in colder weather. 8/10

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