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Tihota by Indult

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Tihota is a shared scent launched in 2006 by Indult

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There are 23 reviews of Tihota by Indult.

I first got a sample of Tihota back in 2020 and for some reason, I really hated it. I don't know why or what was wrong with me because I like it a lot better than I did then. I still am giving it a neutral rating because...

I think for the price and Indult's ridiculous habit of taking this perfume off the market for 6 months to a year, it's a beautiful perfume but there are many similar if not slightly better bougie vanillas without the hefty price tag or Hermes-level type waitlisting to juggle with. If this was maybe 100 usd less and way more accessible, I would probably feel more comfortable buying it, but I digress.

This is a great vanilla for people who like a hint of leather/animalic musk to their gourmands. Fresh out of the bottle, it doesn't smell like much but if you let it sit and age it seems to develop more complexity. There are a lot more notes here than previously listed, including almond, sugar cane, and balsam, which Indult has only just decided to reveal in like 2021-ish. This fragrance "disappears" for the first 5-10 minutes of application and then gets warmer throughout the day before finally vanishing completely within 12 hours, leaving zero trace of its existence on your skin.

There's something slightly "mature" about this and it's hard to explain in words. But I have a lot of vanillas, ranging from your usual el cheapo depo finds to eye wateringly expensive. When I wear Tihota a lot, I can smell the difference between my cheaper scents with this. The vanilla is usually more synthetic. The random stuff they throw in there to stretch the perfume out becomes more apparent. Then you put this on, and it hums. It's quiet and assuming but also elegant, smooth, warm, buttery. I think Tihota and similar luxury vanillas prove that this often overly saturated family of scents can be just as sophisticated as any other if done correctly. I complain about this scent's price and all but I know deep down inside I'll probably end up buying a full size in the future.

The vanilla in this smells something what i imagine vanilla extract would smell like if you rubbed it on your skin, add to that a light musk and you get Tihota,smooth and sensual.when you wear this you will have a cloud of vanilla surrounding you. it is very warm and cozy and reminds me of fluffy blankets and sugar cookies.

First spray is a thick sweet vanilla syrup that coffe shops use,sticky and intoxicating.settles down quickly to a warm smoky earthy vanilla.the musk in this is smokey instead of soapy.this is not a little girl vanilla that is so sugary that is hurts your teeth to smell it,this is a truly warm and sexy vanilla.it can get cloying when you overspray it.a few sprays go a long way.

It's a nice vanilla with a dark, rich heart and a woody base. There's not much else to say about it.

Where this leaves me cold is pricepoint. I did a blind comparison between it and two downmarket competitors in the same vein--Cologne of the Missions and Mercedes-Benz Club Black--and I was unable to distinguish any meaningful distinction in raw quality between the three. (On a compositional level, the Mercedes-Benz was actually my favorite of the set by virtue of being a touch more aromatic in its design.)

Waffles! Persistent, linear, high quality hologram of waffles.

This, is a mighty fine vanilla perfume. It's piercing without being annoyingly artificial as some vanilla fragrances can be. Musk, keeps it in check, keeps it interesting.

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