Tiger's Nest 
Memo (2018)

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Reviews of Tiger's Nest by Memo

There are 5 reviews of Tiger's Nest by Memo.

Tigers Nest is a hefty amber. At first I get lime, rose and lots of resins. There could be absinthe there too but it's hard for me to judge not having smelled the note on its own. I personally don't really like rose as a note, it often comes off a bit indolic/fecal to me, making the opening a bit too challenging here. But it starts to calm down after an hour or so. Overall its not really my jam, but I can see others liking it, especially if they aren't opposed to rose.
Jan 7, 2020

With incense, amber and Turkish Delight it feels like a plodding version of l'Eau d'ambre extrême by l'Artisan Parfumeur.
Dec 19, 2019

Tiger’s Nest, one of the more recent entries from Memo Paris, is primarily a spicy resinous fragrance. It opens with a very spicy blast, apparently a mix of saffron, absinthe, aldehyde, and lime, and I don’t find it irritating but rather invigorating. The spiciness calms down fairly quickly into a dry down of mixed resins and florals, anchored by a base of vanilla.

I don’t detect any florals in particular, though ylang ylang, osmanthus, and rose are each listed. As for the resins themselves, it mainly feels like olibanum, though tolu balsam is listed as well, and in concert with the vanilla, there is a hint of creaminess to the dry down as it smoothens from the initial spicy blast. Still, though, the spiciness remains a part of the fragrance hours into wearing it.

I’m really pleased by the fragrance overall, as it kind of comes off like a niche twist on a spicy men’s designer scent that I’ve smelled before, so it’s both familiar and elegantly upgraded at the same time. It performs pretty well, too.

Retailing at $300 for 75ml at Luckyscent, Aedes, Neiman Marcus, and perhaps some other US outfits, it’s nonetheless available in the same bottle size on FragranceNet for $162 if a 37% coupon is applied, nearly half off! I don’t regard it as quite as elegant as the Fort & Manle resins (Amber Absolutely, Forty Thieves, Suleyman Le Magnifique) but it comes at a cheaper price, if nothing else.

I’d like to try this some more, myself, as I do feel it’s a resinous scent that has spicy quirks that I’m not accustomed to seeing.

8 out of 10
Jun 10, 2019

Tiger's Nest is a dry, balsamic incense scent to me with minimal sweetness, a tinge of vanilla, and a papyrus note that's barely there but adds a nuance in the mid phase. Any other note is completely lost on my skin, and I don't detect any of the florals. In fact, I find something akin to ambergris in the initial and mid phases, even though it's not listed. The accord reminds me of Ambra Mediterranea. Tiger's Nest is somewhat muted and flat, and within a few hours all that's left is the dry down of balsams, which is too quiet and soft. I feel this would have more nuanced, complex if the florals were more prominent, and there was a bit more separation of notes. As is the case with African Leather, Tiger's Nest thins out towards the dry down (though not exactly being a top note con job).

Honestly, I find there are dozens of incense/amber fragrances that more convincing than Tiger's Nest. As for Bhutan, Dzongkha is far more evocative, apart from being a much more nuanced and interesting composition.


P.S. The Memo website does list 'amber' as a key note, but the BN note pyramid is different.
May 31, 2019

Airy, crisp absinthe note. Boozy aldehyde, like champagne. Lime and saffron on top. The latter not overdone. Light incense. Floral notes of Osmanthus, ylang ylang, and rose, in the heart. Not overly feminine. Incense note gets louder after time. Lovely base of papery papyrus, vanilla, and a smattering of balsam. Has a medium voice overall unless, that is, you overspray.
Oct 31, 2018

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