Tiger by her Side fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, cinnamon bark, coriander seed
  • Heart

    • rose absolute, benzoin, patchouli
  • Base

    • labdanum, vanilla, olibanum

Latest Reviews of Tiger by her Side

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Likable enough but not for everyone. I bought a blind-buy full bottle and used it up...not inexpensive!

My sister is a patchouli lover and that's what she smelled when I wore this. To me, TBHS is a spicy patchouli scent that opens with definite adelhylic bergamot and spice...spice, spice & more spice! Cinnamon, coriander...initial application almost smells like walking into an Indian spice shop after initially passing someone pressing fresh sweet orange juice. The fragrance quickly moves to a pleasant, somewhat sweet patchouli and lands in a resinous & balsamic yet sweet sweet (vanilla) way.

Intermittently, I detect incense and smokiness. But on me, this fragrance is all spicy, somewhat resinous, sticky vanilla patchouli.

I've been experimenting with incense-patchouli-smoky-smoldering scents...perhaps with a wee-bit of floral to mix it up. I'm a Chanel Coromandel, POAL, Musk Ravageur fan, etc. Someone compared TBHS to Coromandel. And while I've tired of Coromandel, a comparison between TBHS and the Chanel fragrance is not something I would make at all. IMHO, Coromandel appeals much more to the masses than TBHS might.

Silage is minimal, as I found this fragrance sits close to the skin (but my sister DID smell it when I gave her a hug-smile). Longevity is 5-6 hours.

This perfume is nice enough. I am currently on my second bottle and while TBHS doesn't hit all the marks, it is close enough for me and I enjoy wearing it!
9th August 2022
Lots of patchouli and resins. A little bit of subtle sweetness underneath to tame the sourness of patchouli and the spiciness of spices. This tiger has soft fluffy paws and purrs on my wrists. A very cozy and beautiful scent. A fantastic name, too. It lingers on my skin until morning.
6th April 2020

Spicy, woody. Great cinnamon here. Lots of coriander. It's both resinous and balsamic for awhile. Rose is faint. Base notes are huge. Sweet then, with herbal-like streaks. Loads of patch move in, with labdanum, and olibanum.

Smoky and musky. Very good mix overall... Becomes a solid, sensual, resinous thing, with an amber-like accord, that stays close to the skin. Thumbs up.
5th March 2020