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Tiffany (1989)

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Tiffany for Men by Tiffany

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Reviews of Tiffany for Men by Tiffany

Bavard's succinct review is extraordinarily accurate, this is a sweetened, much more powdery interpretation of Chanel Pour Monsieur Concentree or even vintage Pierre Cardin Pour Monsieur.

I don't really like it, although I like the other two. It might be the nutmeg but there's something a little too sickly sweet in the mix for me to give this a thumbs up. Great to have a 7ml miniature of this, which comes beautifully presented in a Tiffany jewellery style box, but it's beyond me how 50 & 100ml bottles of the cologne commands such high prices online.

Great silage and projection for several hours and excellent longevity overall (the vintage version) if you like this type of 80s scent, which is loud but never dirty or rough around the edges, it's Tiffany after all.

Note: Review is of the current version

Dry, dusty lemon opening followed by a mossy-woody-patchouli accord with an abstract leatheriness that persists into the dry down. The composition feels somewhat flat, dull, and lacking in depth and richness. It shares olfactory ranges with Versace L'Homme, rather than New York or Bois du Portugal.

More frankly, it smelled like a poor reformulation of an erstwhile respectable fragrance. I'm not sure whether it was the particular store tester I tried. Based on my experience, one is better off with New York, New York Intense, or Bois du Portugal (which are all vastly better in every respect), or the vintage version of L'Homme. Even the version of L'Homme from 2012 that I had would be no worse.


I feel like I'm going crazy. Tiffany has 1984ed this fragrance. Any evidence that a reformulation has taken place is disappearing. This past summer there were lots of ebay auctions for half used Tiffany bottles with an amber juice. Now I can't even find a picture of those older bottles.

Anyway, the current formulation is good, but excessively powdery. It's so powdery that I always think twice before I wear it. I just associate powdery smells with grandparents.

So, my review would be to take a really good review, say, that of mrclmind, and just add a heapin' helpin' of powder to it. It's a shame too, because this wasn't nearly as (if at all) powdery before the reformulation.

Something to consider is that all noses are different, and my sensitivity to the powdery smell could just be unique to me. I have a theory that oakmoss's replacement is the culprit, because many reformulations bother me.

Not to worry though, as all reading this need just go into Tiffany's and ask for a sample (they're good about it), or just spray yourself with the tester

Sorry but I expected a bit more - yes it smells expensive, refined and supersmooth. My problem with Tiffany for Men is that it's way too smooth and soft/delicate, safe and completely lacks an edge. Also, it smells too powdery to my nose, a touch of woody/spicy counterpoint would make this composition more exciting and interesting imo. For me it's only half-finished, needs another element. A bit on the feminine side as well.

I SO wanted to love this scent. I have worn Tiffany (for women) for years, and I also wear Sheer Tiffany and Pure Tiffany. I cannot get enough of Tiffany's perfumes. Needless to say, I was dying to smell Tiffany for Men so I could get it for my boyfriend. Judging from other reviews and community discussion, I am starting to think the sample I received was "bad" or had turned. It smelled like something I could pick up at any drugstore--it just smelled really cheap and generic. I am eager to smell this again to see if my first experience with the scent was a fluke.

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