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Tiffany (1989)

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Tiffany for Men by Tiffany

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Tiffany for Men is a men's fragrance launched in 1989 by Tiffany

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Reviews of Tiffany for Men by Tiffany

There are 52 reviews of Tiffany for Men by Tiffany.

It is absolutely timeless, distinguished, and unquestionably manly. It is very complex and never smells the same under various temperatures and atmospheres. As for the smell, Tiffani for Men is definitely a mature scent. It is not the sexual kind of masculinity. It is the expression of a fatherly figure. I would imagine a fatherly embrace, a soft, kind, cozy, safe, wool flannel dressed fatherly love hug.

A very pleasant powdery citrus with a smooth fougere quality, thanks to lavender, orris, nutmeg, and jasmine. Tiffani for Men then progresses to a trip to the lumber yard with the arrival of the cedar and sandalwood. This fragrance is robust and each wave of notes feels like they are delivered like a punch, or dropped on you like a dump truck. An absolutely smooth, seamless base of amber and woods, bound with what i call an "invisible" vanilla, or vanilla that remains fully in the background. It actually reminds me a lot of Chanel Pour Monsieur Concentree, with just a touch of Cerruti 1881 throws in, once the powder effect subsides.

Vintage formula tested, thanks to a very generous BN'er.

Normally, I would give a very powdery men's scent a neutral rating, as I usually find it far too feminine. But Tiffany for Men has enough spice and quality shining through that the femininity is dampened. This is a much more masculine type of powder than say, Serge Lutens' style, but much more powder than Oscar de la Rents's Pour Lui. Maybe similar to Dunhill's Edition, but with a classy NY twist vs a stuffier London style.

Very high class, very dandy, and very rich, but not in a heavy way. Rich in goodness from quality ingredients and masterful blending. Great projection, and wonderful longevity for this genre.

Ultimately, it's not my bag so I won't seek out a vintage bottle. But I will enjoy the sample, and my olfactory experience has been broadened.

Bavard's succinct review is extraordinarily accurate, this is a sweetened, much more powdery interpretation of Chanel Pour Monsieur Concentree or even vintage Pierre Cardin Pour Monsieur.

I don't really like it, although I like the other two. It might be the nutmeg but there's something a little too sickly sweet in the mix for me to give this a thumbs up. Great to have a 7ml miniature of this, which comes beautifully presented in a Tiffany jewellery style box, but it's beyond me how 50 & 100ml bottles of the cologne commands such high prices online.

Great silage and projection for several hours and excellent longevity overall (the vintage version) if you like this type of 80s scent, which is loud but never dirty or rough around the edges, it's Tiffany after all.

Smells and performs like many other 70's and early 80's scents. It's all old school from beginning to end but has some citrus, mild sweetness and powder up front followed by a leather scent in the drydown. If you've smelled other reference fragrances from the same era then this will be familiar and unfortunately not my style.

Performance is really good on my skin. Projects nicely with only a few sprays for 4-6 hours and you can still smell it on your skin hours after.

Blue class, gold in glass
Smells like looks like feels like we've
All been here before.

Note: Review is of the current version

Dry, dusty lemon opening followed by a mossy-woody-patchouli accord with an abstract leatheriness that persists into the dry down. The composition feels somewhat flat, dull, and lacking in depth and richness. It shares olfactory ranges with Versace L'Homme, rather than New York or Bois du Portugal.

More frankly, it smelled like a poor reformulation of an erstwhile respectable fragrance. I'm not sure whether it was the particular store tester I tried. Based on my experience, one is better off with New York, New York Intense, or Bois du Portugal (which are all vastly better in every respect), or the vintage version of L'Homme. Even the version of L'Homme from 2012 that I had would be no worse.


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