Tibetan Mountain Temple fragrance notes

    • Ginger, Orange, Violet, Vetiver, Patchouli, Frankincense

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Pacifica needs to improve the bottle seal (unless I got a dud) because it evaporates way too fast. (In general, I dislike sprays for this reason.)
30th July 2015
Tibetan Mountain Temple Perfume is not for everyone. It's not pretty, feminine or seductive. It isn't fresh or clean. It seems to be mostly orange and ginger. But don't dismiss it outright because of this. At first I thought this scent remained one dimensional. Every time I smell it directly at the point of application, it smells the same from when I apply it until I wash it off.

But thoughout the day while wearing this, I get whiffs of something beautiful that smell like none of the four notes listed (orange, ginger, vetiver, patchouli). When I pinpoint the source, it's me and I realize the notes have blended in subtle ways to create something different and wonderful.

The interesting synergy of the four component oils combined with the longevity on my skin has insured that Tibetan Mountain Temple will be a staple in my fragrance wardrobe.

14th October 2011

I smelled incense and citrus at the top which turned into BUBBLEGUM! Which proves there's a fine line between incense and bubblegum?!?!
8th May 2011
Climbing to the Ascending Himalayan mountians of Kaliash your destination
to reseach the ancient rituals of long ago holy men who Worshiped the Hindu
Lord Shiva and he Beloved wife Parvati
and when you almost reached the top
you see the golden glow of the sunset
and your greated by the Sadhu with there long locks chanting a alien language you never heard before.
you here beautiful ringing of bells allround you almost set you in a trance. The intoxicating scent of incense floating to the mountians.
the colors all around you
and you see the most beautiful stature
of the Lord Shiva with his black eyes
Glazing at you.
This perfume gives me that vibe.
12th December 2010
Recently purchased a few Pacifica scents at a local store. Wasn't expecting much. Out of the scents I purchased, Tibetan Mountain Temple is the only Pacifica scent I can (sorta) tolerate wearing. In my opinion, Pacifica fragrances are just not sophisticated or complex enough...but that's my taste, my experience.

As I mentioned in other reviews about Pacifica perfumes, I get NONE of what they market regarding their scents. Maybe it is just me. With this fragrance, the Pacifica marketers cite "vetiver, smoky resin, burning incense, subtle but deep patchouli, ginger and orange zest." HUH??? Perhaps it is just me but I get very little-to-none of this when I smell and wear Tibetan Mountain Temple.

To be completely fair, unlike other Pacifica perfumes I have tried, this scent does smell rather nice out of the bottle. Immediately, I get an overwhelming scent of orange-lemon citrus fruit & ginger fragrance followed by a bit of a resin aroma..but that's about it. Nowhere do I smell patchouli or burning incense, vetiver (?) or any grasses, etc.

About 15-20 minutes into the scent, I DID smell a bit like a Christmas fir tree or a Scotch Pine. However, this is not a complex scent with various upper, middle and lower notes...no. To me, it is overwhelmingly citrus-y & sappy sweet followed by...nothing. Just more citrus.

There's very little silage, no staying power. Actually started to feel a bit sticky and unclean to me...kinda sappy. An okay Pacifica scent...the only one so far that I can barely tolerate. Would never buy it again. Just not for me.
17th April 2010
this is my favorite perfume right now. i paid 17 dollars for it and it was definitely worth it. the bottle isn't very big...(1.2 oz),but the fragrance is magnificent. the pacificaperfume.com describes the scent with these words: "vetiver and indonesian patchouli are the base of this tranquil, incense-like blend, while ginger sits lightly in the middle and orange provides expansive lift for these distinctive essential oils."
21st November 2009