Theorema Esprit d'Été 
Fendi (1999)


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Reviews of Theorema Esprit d'Été by Fendi

If you are familiar with the original Theorema, then this is indeed the summer weight version. If you took the original and turned the volume down by two notches, and then turned the treble up by two notches, you pretty much have the idea.

The tart citrus in the opening represents the higher treble note, as I find it to be brighter than the original. But soon, it settles into the familiar territory of creamy jasmine with an orange note merging in to offer the ultimate drydown - creamy, spiced orange and amber. And in spite of the lighter take, it does indeed last and fulfill.

This is a worthy flanker, born from a worthy original fragrance. Well done!
Nov 9, 2011

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