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Sultan Pasha (2016)

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Sultan Pasha

Thebes is dedicated to a very old, discontinued composition I smelt in Paris at a certain famous establishment. It was so evocative that it was the only time a perfume brought me close to tears. As a result, I toiled for many months and many late nights to recreate it as I wanted it to be my signature perfume. And here it is... Thebes.

This is a sombre, morose scent that makes one silent and ponder on the fragility of life and the certainty of death. It truly reinforces the latter making one realise time waits for no one. At first, so colourful and filled with the spark of life, only to end with the scent of dry rot and decay...

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Reviews of Thebes G1 by Sultan Pasha

This opens with a musical and olfactory turmoil that relates to the vague repel of Peau d'Espagne. Yes a waxy promise of Iris powder.
Remarkable though is the quick subside of The Adelehydic assault and the emergence of a dry Rose layered upon Savon tonally brightened by Citric bittered Bergamot. For a moment notice the Lead of Jasmine indolic of Petroleum lies almost as if upon the surface.Labdanum and smoky Vetiver are wrapped in an animalic sweet.
Ancient and Magically simple. Leather.
Aug 6, 2019

When applied to your skin you get the smell of a worn leather jacket coupled with a cool iris accord. Imagine Indiana Jones all by himself approaching a ancient untouched temple in the jungle early on in the morning. As Indy enters this temple their is no longer a roof and all the stonework has been overgrown with thick green vines and tropical flowers.

As Indy is searching for something the smell of Lily Of The Valley mixes in with Indy's worn leather jacket and the iris, the cool morning jungle air can be felt giving the scent a freshness. As time goes by as Indy searches the temple, roses and ambergris can be smelled in the mix.

The scent is very sombre and meditative with that lonely vibe that you are all by-yourself contemplating the meaning of life. All in all another beautiful fragrance by Sultan Pasha. Wow!
May 18, 2019

This finely blended oil is the scent of wisdom and time. Dry wood, dust and mixed grasses, old leather and human skin are details of Thebes G1. I would summarize the scent as a dusty dry leather musk. The dryness has tones of old hay and earthy vetiver. The leather smells of old skin, well worn hides, then the vetiver and hay scent in the background for a reminiscence of Muscs Koublai Khan only lighter, drier. The heart notes reveal the musk that is one of the best smelling musks I have worn. Lighter than MKK while rose adds a slight radiance to the decaying dryness of old leather - uplifting from the rare rose oil. For me, this is easily one of the best leather / musk fragrances ever. Rated: 9/10.
Jul 21, 2018

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