The Voice of Reason 
Lush (2012)

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The Voice of Reason by Gorilla Perfume [Lush]

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The Voice of Reason is a shared scent launched in 2012 by Lush

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Reviews of The Voice of Reason by Gorilla Perfume [Lush]

There are 4 reviews of The Voice of Reason by Gorilla Perfume [Lush].

The Voice of Reason is a superbly toasted (a tad of coffee beans in the blend?) indie visceral burnt sugary/spicy accord (a la Slumberhouse Jeke or Baque) of rhum agricole, immortelle (or rooty/earthy stuffs like it), caramellous spices, smoke, (tobacco?), grass, roots, woods (Davana?) and resinous balsams. Assertive and "tremendous". It smells piquant, virile and potent. Any animalic pattern in the blend? It seems to detect civet in the middle of the sticky resins. I get the cappuccino's vibe but mostly caramellous smoky spices and dry woods/tobacco. Really "Baton Rouge-like". The aroma's perception is somewhat "natural, crude and realistic" as in the Lush/Gorilla's english-coutryside style. Highly recommended for all the lovers of peppery/boozy accords. This juice is erotic, languidly nostalgic and somewhat relentless. I see Harley Davidsons, high flames, velvety purple tapestries, poisonous writhing snakes, relentless rythms, metalheads, spirits, electric guitars, red/purple lights, clouds of smoke and demonic women eyes wide shot. A quite sexy potion for rock/metallic and a bit coutry-blues (vaguely monstrous) on the road american globetrotters (as the Sex Machine character in the Tarantino's movie From Dusk till Dawn).

it opens up with a strong note of smoked ham!! or smoked dry not something for the girls :)

BUT then like a cameleon transforms into beuatifully soft , creamy, woody scent,mixed with honey notes of tonka bean.....the naughty beast turns into the lovely girly scent :)almost creamy, close to the skin...but lovely..., must conclude that australian sandalwood has its charme! and that was beyond my expectations, especially because the begining was not too promissing with that rawness.

from the whole line this one transforms the most from the opening and thus to me very nice surprise

TVOR and Lush/Gorilla perfumes are completely unavailable in the states, so patience was required prior to the application. It was WELL worth the wait.

TVOR takes me to a place that I have always wanted to visit - the beatnik 50's. It is supposed smell of cigarettes, booze and espresso. Somehow, they have captured not only the listed olfactory triggers (and they are some of the most accurate I have ever put my nose to)...but the 'dessert' is also captured. While the top is amazing and unique, the heart notes seem to really make this one versatile (that is most definitely saying that the opening is going to turn heads in both positive and negative ways) and I get some vanilla mixed in with the dense papyrus and sandalwood.

Confidence is required, and TVOR is not mainstream or fresh. If you are a non-smoker, you may not enjoy this one....especially if you are going to be in close quarters with other non-smokers.

I love this stuff. It makes me happy - and somehow inspires me to create...and that is most certainly something I NEVER expected a fragrance to do. I like paper, coffee, booze and cigs - so obviously this is the most comfortable scent I have ever worn.

Projection is through the roof - and your trail will mark your territory. It lasts 24 hours on my skin.
Normally, I am not a fan of the splash bottles - but in this case, I can not imagine a full spray of TVOR on my might never come out - and frankly, it's not needed.

10/10 - Better than any Niche I own...and probably my new favorite.

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