The Sexiest Scent on the Planet. Ever. (IMHO) 
4160 Tuesdays (2013)

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The Sexiest Scent on the Planet. Ever. (IMHO) by 4160 Tuesdays

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The Sexiest Scent on the Planet. Ever. (IMHO) is a shared scent launched in 2013 by 4160 Tuesdays

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Reviews of The Sexiest Scent on the Planet. Ever. (IMHO) by 4160 Tuesdays

There are 9 reviews of The Sexiest Scent on the Planet. Ever. (IMHO) by 4160 Tuesdays.

About as sexy as your average Comme des Garçons in my opinion (but clearly she was joking).
A woody-synthetic cloud, backlit by a warm glow of vanilla and ambergris (apparently). It’s a kind of opaque minimalism, somewhat in the vein of French Lover but not as well crafted.

It has to be the sweet and unclouded vanilla in this purportedly sexiest scent ever and the overall fizz of its delivery in the opening phase that bring to my mind feather-light biscuits with a large amount of baking soda, the kind that dissolve rather than crumble in the mouth. Here they have a twist of bergamot up top, with the baker adding a couple of drops of wood sap for interest. An intriguing perfume with plenty of movement to it in the first hour or two, considering the palette is quite limited. But whether it's sexy, I'm not at all convinced. It's all a bit gingham aprons and tea in the sunshine at a bleached wood picnic table for me.
The drydown is sweet and fluffy with a touch of wood, and a bit of an unsexy bore.

Ah! A superb bergamot note here! Juicy. Ripe. Clean and clear. Whatever these woods are here (I do, smell cedar) they mix well and are phenomenally good, with the bergamot. So far, this is a sexy perfume - I have to admit.

Vanilla throws its weight around. Citrus and woods linger. It's a piercing sweetness with its own personality. I get citrus pulp, and rind, in small doses.

Musky, little, animal bits and pleasant, oceanic bobs occur later. Vanilla comes in waves, like light rays peeking through clouds.

The vanilla becomes somewhat boozy or like brandy. It isn't the usual candy-sweet vanilla that I often encounter.

Woods seem to linger. Sweetness, although light, settles down later. The sexiest ever? No. I think that that, is just a made-up name. It IS damn nice though! It has a nice, mellow dry-down that is pleasant. I'd invest in a full bottle, if I were inclined to add to my collection...

Stardate 20171107:

Plain cedar. Dry hot wood.
Really meh but then later on some vanilla comes in to take away the dryness.
I expected more from 4160

Not sexy. Not good.

I like this. Borrowing from others, it either smells like orange Starburst with a bunch of iso e super (seekritdude) or like lemonade and hot dogs (my daughter). I can see it both ways, although my daughter picked up the hot dog note in the opening and I couldn't find it until the base.

This smells synthetic, but soft and creamy. I'm usually put off by what I think of as synthetic woods and/or ambroxan, but somehow the same smells are working for me in this formula.

This was a free sample with purchase, which I was happy about as I'd heard of it and wanted to try it – I was curious to see if the scent would live up to the name. I was a bit dismayed when it first went on – there's something very sharp and medicinal in the opening which seemed to catch the back of my nose in an unpleasant way. Thankfully, after a few minutes, that settles down. What's left is a soft, faintly smoky woody note touched with creamy vanilla. Definitely not what the name suggests though – there's nothing overly sexy about this at all. That's not to say it's bad – there's something very warm and cosy about this, but it's more of a skin scent on me. Longevity, sadly, isn't great – barely three hours. I like it, but I'm not in love with it.

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