Bond No.9 has been bottling the scents of New York (and the Hampton's!) for the last few years, but now - a scent that isn't a geographical area. Bond No. 9 will donate $2 for every bottle of The Scent of Peace that is purchased to charity.

[Bond No. 9] has now taken on the greatest neighborhood of them all. It's the one that hovers over all of our city, the see-and-be-seen A-list place called peace--where we all want to thrive."

New York has always defined itself by its derring-do and its clear-cut goals. Yet this hodge-podge multi-ethnic, multi-vision'ed metropolis has also reigned as a place of tolerance and détente. It is a city built on non-aggression pacts that are cobbled together street by street, neighborhood by neighborhood. This is the way that New York thrives. Post-9/11 has defined us even more by our mutual conviction that the future of our precious city depends on world peace. Bond No. 9's latest fragrance, The Scent of Peace, was born out of this consensus that hovers like a balm (like a dove) over our entire city.

The Scent of Peace fragrance notes

  • Head

    • grapefruit, blackcurrant
  • Heart

    • lily of the valley, hedione
  • Base

    • cedarwood, musk

Latest Reviews of The Scent of Peace

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A pleasant mix of blackberry and strawberry paired up on a salty background. I keep waiting for it to do something, but it's been hours and it's still just that berry smell. It mostly smells like fruity shampoo. I've certainly smelled worse, but this isn't that great either...
15th June 2022
I've loved this since 2006. I'm a man. This is the Scent Of Peace for EVERYBODY. Scent Of Peace For Him is some generic trash. I smell OG SOP, it makes me peaceful. I love grapefruit and marinate seafood in it. The musk is fine. Other guys probably like it just as much as I do.
10th February 2020

My 17 year old daughter just picked this up at a discount online. At first I agreed with the critics, and just thought this was another middling effort from a house that is trademark middling, but after smelling this around the house and on my daughter, this is actually a very nice teenage fragrance. It's light, slightly aquatic, fruity-floral is a good contrast to the Mugler Angel, Alien and other "heavy" scents girls her age seem to enjoy.

I'm giving Scent of Peace a Thumbs Up.
20th December 2016
Nasty plastic, oil, and cheap shampoo. Horrible
16th November 2016
Pretty much smells of rubbing alcohol and candles -- very cheap smelling, lacks body, has hardly anything in the base. The currant is nice, but the florals don't come through much. Definitely smells like it belongs in a dollar store reed defuser, not on a person.

A true scrubber for me, and I want to take a bath in vintage perfumes to get this odor out of my mind's nose, so to speak.
30th October 2016
The Scent of Peace sticks out amongst a sea of fruity florals. It's light, fresh and incredibly juicy. Black currant is probably my favorite fruity note, it's tart and always smells like it's just dripping with juiciness. That being said - Scent of Peace is the perfect fragrance for summer, when you want to feel fresh and keep cool. There's a breezy, airy quality there that just feels refreshing.

The Scent of Peace is a bit on the softer side - and didn't have much projection for me (which is a shame, considering the price). Lastly, the scent really matches its name. I can't imagine The Scent of Peace offending anyone, even the most scent-sensitive types.
13th June 2016
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