The One Sport fragrance notes

  • Head

    • aquatic notes, rosemary
  • Heart

    • cardamom, sequoia
  • Base

    • patchouli, musk

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The top is a typical aquatic; citrus, grapefruit, the licked silver spoon of calone; and the rosemary of Eau Sauvage.
And then, when it calms down, you get Cool Water : scratchy moss, citrus, aquatics, and fruit … even down to the crab apple.
Add to that the ‘sliced cactus’ of Xeryus Rouge, and the minty freshess of 1 Million, and it’s got the feel of a proto Spiky Woods.
It’s also powdery-sweet, and spicy-aromatic - which is like Tommy, and there’s a woody ‘sequoia’ undertow, and patchouli – which brings it back to Eau Sauvage.
Put it all together, and you’ve got a Guy Thing that’s so derivative
it’s an invention by itself.
Given the chemical feel that surrounds this kind of thing, I have to say this one’s not bad, and I could imagine wearing it – if I was hanging out on Daytona Beach; but that’s something that ain’t gonna happen.
Maybe the Promenade des Anglais … but I’ll never do that either.
21st July 2021
Fresh aquatic that sadly has a vinegar like smell somewhere in the background. It's not prominent but I didn't like it.

This was on skin as well as on a test strip and from the bottle nozzle. I tried it in a perfume store.
6th August 2019

An average attempt by D&G at having a "Sport" version of their popular The One cologne.

I tend to be very reluctant to explore the sport versions of most scents out there. I admit that on a few occasions, I did discover some hidden gems (e.g. Luna Rossa Sport and Allure Homme Sport come quickly to mind).

Here, I think I wanted enough of the original's dna to exist that would catch my interest. Not here. It just smells - generic. It has one of my most favorite note, cardamom, and looked promising with aquatic notes.

It's a so-so scent. I'm not saying this one HAS to resemble the original significantly to be legit; rather, if it must depart from the dna, it should do so carefully and credibly. I struggle to see much more than a run-of-the-mill aromatic citrus-wood which doesn't "wow" me.

Tastes differ for sure here. I'd say, give it a test and see how you respond for yourself.
5th December 2018
I've been resistant to fully sampling and reviewing The One Sport based on quickly smelling in stores and reading lots of bad reviews but I figured I'd give it a full wearing to be fair.

Starts off very generic, not bad, not good. Later, the drydown starts to remind me of Dior Homme Sport, but not as rich. Has that salty, citric, greasy smell that I get from DHS. I don't smell anything in this that reminds me of the Original The One. There is a spiciness that exists from start to finish.

Projection is average to below average but longevity is good, lasts all workday.
14th November 2018
A thin and watery opening camouflaging as herbal-aquatic of nature leads to a nonspecific drydown with hints of a thin cardamom. The base - yes, still thin and quite dull - is a generic musky impression with a laboratory-synthetic patchouli unworthy of such an illustrious house.

The sillage is soft, the projection poor and it lasts less than three hours on my skin. This is a flanker that is unworthy of even bearing the the name as the original, which is so much better. 1/5
16th July 2015
Great fresh, aquatic and spicy. Projection and longevity is terrible.
25th June 2015
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