The One Royal Night fragrance notes

  • Head

    • cardamom, basil
  • Heart

    • wild pear tree, nutmeg
  • Base

    • amber, sandalwood, cedarwood, labdanum

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If the classic stories of the 1001 Arabian Nights had a fragrance, then D&G's One Royal Night might be it.
TORN smells like the contents of a Middle-Eastern spice cupboard poured onto Rosewater and honey.

Most would categorize this as an Oriental fragrance (and I wouldn't say that they're wrong), but truth be told, I think it's actually more of a gourmand fragrance. I say this because it honestly smells... delicious! Every time I sniff my wrist, it smells so yummy, I'm seriously tempted to lick my arm! A Middle-Eastern rice pudding and baklawa gourmand to be sure, but a gourmand frag nonetheless.

The sweet and spicy scent of Cinnamon, ginger, and Cardamom are prominent in the opening, as ought to be, giving it that Middle-Eastern(Khaliji) vibe.
I was hoping for more of the initial Oriental spiciness from the original D&G The One, and less of its almost cloying sweetness.
During the dry-down, the Cardamom gives way to strong heart-notes of Rosewater and Amber Honey, while the Cinnamon is relegated to the background, and the Cardamom and Rose notes remain most prominent in the overall sillage/projection.
Further into the dry-down, a light, leathery, soft oudy-wood base-note finally start to come out to play, and subtly remains for the duration.
Decent sillage, and considerable longevity.

I suspect this fragrance might be similar to L'eau D'issey Noir Ambre, from the descriptions of it. Also similar to Burberry London, but sweeter and less Christmassy (no pine, lots of rose-petal instead), and nicer/classier, with more clear, distinct notes. I think this fragrance should definitely be considered a unisex scent, due to all the rosiness.

This is a sweet (a little too sweet for me), silky, spicy, VERY sensual, and smooth like Honey and Rose petals scent, with the slightest hint of oud underneath.
A very nice fragrance, but I'm just not sure when I'd ever wear this... Perhaps an Autumnal or Christmas fragrance...?
TBH, I think I might really enjoy this more on a significant other, than I would on myself (because also, I'm tempted to lick my wrist LOL!)
10th April 2020
Didn't get past the opening. Oud so strong I was almost sick.
11th October 2019

D&G's The One Royal Night smells so classy and wearable!

It smells like it has ginger in there, but nope: Cardamom and basil together resemble a sort of sweetened ginger. Very similar in feel to Calvin Klein's Euphoria due to that chance pairing.

Compared to the original The One, Royal Night comes across as woodier ("drier") from the cedar and sandal woods, plus there is the additional semi-musk beauty of the labdanum and amber in the base that give Royal Night an ever "firmer" foundation. Lasts a long time and ultimately is a pleasant wear.
9th August 2018
I concur with reviewers who find a lot of references to the original. In fact D&G states that "The base reveals the fragrance's original, soft and spicy richness: with warm Amber, Cedarwood and Sandalwood, alongside deep and refined accords of Cistus Labdanum." True. This fragrance is for when you want to make a subtle, elegant statement. I wonder whether they already have tampered with the formula. Compare the images at the bottom of the page. Left is a 150ml edp made in France and right is a 100ml edp made in the UK. The ingredient list is not identical. Since I haven't tested them side by side, I'm unable to say whether there are differences in smell profile.
31st March 2018
Still smells like The One but with a dry, woody, oud-like feel.

Projection is good but the longevity is excellent. Lasts all day.
26th December 2017
Very similar to the standard EDP released in 2015, Dolce and Gabbana's The One Royal Night edition (exclusive to the Middle East and UK, I believe), departs in minor but ultimately uninteresting ways. What I mainly get out of it is the EDP with an additional mix of incense and fruit, so overall, nothing all that special as far as a new fragrance, relative to the original EDP.

Performance is very similar to the original, which is very good, but ultimately the limited availability of this release renders it more expensive. I'll pass on pursuing it further but am happy to have a decant.

7 out of 10
9th May 2016
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