The One Gentleman fragrance notes

    • pepper, lavender, fennel, cardamom, patchouli, vanilla

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D&G The One Gentleman -

Toasted fennel cake dusted with powdered vanilla served with lavender tea.

I’ll be stoked to wear this the next time I attend activity night with my grandparents down at the community center. BINGO!

1/5 stars

15th January 2023
A little nondescript but not offensive. I actually get quite a sharp blast of mint and fennel in the top note and possibly a hint of coriander? It quickly settles into a soft vanilla - nothing too sweet. It's OK, not bad at all.
19th March 2021

Not a bad fragrance. Would have been better if they toned down the vanilla though! 6.5/10
11th July 2018
Hard to find at most cologne testing counters, D&G's The One Gentleman is one of the most well-crafted flankers in the series.

It hearkens back to sweet-musky powerhouses like Alexander Julian's Colours or Lagerfeld Classic, staying predictable and emanating a warmth and class that just makes sense. The fennel is a key note that defines and holds up The One Gentlemen, accented tastefully in the foundation by the vanilla and patchouli accords. The result is a fragrance that is classy and easily worn for different occasions with ease. Not complex nor chaotic (as with the other "The One" outings), it stays stable and does just what it seems designed to do: To delight both wearer and beholder. Glad I have a bottle, seeing as how it was discontinued.

15th February 2018
This is quite an interest opening phase, a floral herbal mix that, whilst neither summery nor fresh, has a certain brightness and elegance about it. The lavender and the herbal component blend well, and a soft patchouli rounds it off.

The later stage is less bright, with cardamom, a nigh-juniper-like fruitiness and a - never cloying - vanilla changing the direction the development of this composition takes over time.

I get moderate sillage, good projection and six hours of longevity on my skin.

This first phase of this spring creation is not wildly creative in the selection of its ingredients, but the resulting impression is surprisingly original in the overall outcome. The later stages are too linear, a bit overly generic and paler on me, but overall this is quite agreeable. On the whole I'd give it - barely though - a positive score. 3/5.
31st August 2017
DG The One Gentleman was a blind buy for me today as I was searching for something different to wear on a 108 degree day (which is typical for the next two months here in Las Vegas) Thank God I work in a professional luxury retail environment and not directly impacted by the insufferable heat.. but we do tailor the scents we wear to the season at hand. The last thing I needed was yet another carbon copy Aquatic in my summer collection. What a pleasant surprise this was. I could not get past the lipstick of The One original and the longevity was unacceptible. But Gentleman throughout the next +4 hours remained (although not linear) fresh, spicy, well behaved and singularly individualistic which for me, says it all. What a wonderful intimate scent for those quiet reserved moments to be enjoyed by two. Slumber will come gently this evening after two soft sprays to the chest.
Well done Dolce Gabbana!

1st July 2016
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