The Ghaliyah Reflection 
Amelia Perfumes (2020)

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The contemplation was to showcase a fragrance from medieval time & a sense of material play from the bygone era. A concept of primordial blend in a modern avatar. We narrowed down the oriental genre & our most fascinating subject, the classic ‘Ghaliyah.’  ...One of the oldest secret recipes from the land of Arabia. 

Our reflection of historic “Ghaliyah” is an enigmatic perfume with primal, raw & dark undertones. No lovey-dovey affair here. Our conquest to achieve the fragrance is validated by proper research & guidance. Seniors in our family have seen it all kinds of Ghaliyah. Since the early ’80s. From Old Souk of Dubai to the streets of Balad in Jeddah to the Sheikh’s private in Taif. Every family has their version. Due to the complexity of the blend & material, elders shared some vital facts & essential lessons for the creation. The blend is like unleashing the beast with just a spray or two.  It storms all your senses. Yes, also your eardrums feels the roar. It’s ferocious, mysterious, powerful & predatory. 

After working relentlessly on collective odiferous musk, isolates, and compounds, we were able to harmonize deep layers and transform into a powerful beast & intoxicating in nature. The challenge was to tame animalic elements & turn them into a magnetic aura. Achieve sublime effect on its original beast profile. The technique of aging & curing of all material is the key. Later, maceration of the batch in alcohol for over a year. In contrast, other ingredients should orbit around and elevate the experience. The vintage Hindi Oud fortified the base & influences musk to rumble. On the other hand, Rose Damascena & florals romance the musk. Transcendental experience of excitement and fear. A mystical blend, ‘The Ghaliyah Reflection.

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