The Fragrance Journals : 1976 fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, lemon, black pepper, birch leaf
  • Heart

    • jasmine, juniper, vetiver, lavender
  • Base

    • patchouli, amber, musk

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Another Aventus wannabe that fails to hit the mark.

Aromachems do a disappearing act from the start, I can barely sense I'm wearing a fragrance.

None of the qualities that endear me to Aventus, while retaining the lesser desired qualities.

3/10 for a bad ripoff
13th October 2022
Floris 1976 is Aventus reimagined as a unisex, classically styled fruity-floral fougere. Accordingly, it's a conceptually odd release that has you wondering, "Who was this ideal customer for this?"

Well, me, I guess, because I can't help but find the idea of a "unisexed" (to the point where Floris used rosy pink as the key color in 1976's branding) and "classicized" Aventus amusing. Ironically, 1976 feels more Creed-like than Aventus itself, with a tone and texture that is considerably more in line with the house's late-90s/2000s aesthetic.

1976 opens with tart, juicy lemon and bergamot with juniper giving it a bit of that gin-like zing. Smoky birch, crisp vetiver, and floral lavender comes in fast behind it, creating a soft-and-smoky effect. Patchouli, dry amber, and clean musk provide support, but they're just the to extend the birch/lavender/vetiver heart.

It's perhaps more suited to warm weather than cool, since it stays on the lighter side.
30th December 2021

1976 opens with soft black pepper, sappy woody-green birch leaf and just a hint of supporting citric orange bergamot before transitioning to its heart. As the composition enters its early heart, the soft black pepper and sappy woody-green birch leaf remain, with whiffs of aromatic lavender, piney green juniper and sanitized patchouli rising from the base in support. During the late dry-down the aromatic green aspects and the black pepper all vacate, unveiling a subtle, dry amber and non-animalic smelling synthetic musk driven finish. Projection is average, as is longevity at just over 8 hours on skin.

After having been impressed with Floris' 1962, I figured I would give another of the house's more recent offerings, 1976, a go as well and while not as impressive as 1962, this one doesn't disappoint. Maybe the best part of the composition's development is right at the open, as the black pepper comes off as a sophisticated gentle spray that melds perfectly with the woody-green birch leaf and the citric bergamot before adding the juniper perfectly into the mix shortly afterwards. The whole thing in many ways reminds me a bit of Tzora by Anat Fritz (and this is meant as a huge compliment). Recently I reviewed another perfume that tried to mimic Tzora's winning formula, Bentley Infinite Intense; but where 1976 successfully tones down the pepper, the Bentley sent it into overdrive, ruining the balance and the overall result. Unfortunately all is not stellar with 1976, as the amber and musky finish while skillfully implemented is rather uninteresting. That said, in this case the journey (albeit a more brief journey than one would like) to get to it is well-worth the effort, and on the whole, 1976 in my mind definitely succeeds. The bottom line is the $190 per 100 ml bottle 1976 may drop the ball just before the finish, but the "very good" to "excellent" rated 3.5 to 4 stars out of 5 perfume hangs tough almost to the end, earning a solid recommendation to all.
19th April 2020
Designated a woody oriental, and this pretty much reflects the scent. Opens not entirely convincingly, with a short-lived but over-bearing pepper note, but it soon moves into territory I find redolent of L'Instant de Guerlain - certainly the jasmine and patchouli notes - but with the cocoa replaced with more woods, amber and musk. The result is therefore well-established but somehow moves the scent into more original territory than LIDG, which despite its excellence is perhaps feeling its age. It also makes for a dryer and more traditionally masculine tone, without the sweetness, and so is a very good option if you like the published notes but want them re-arranged to a slightly different tune. I would happily wear this throughout the colder months.
12th August 2018
1976 is a very nice citrus with vestiges of juniper and a slight woodiness. I did also pick up some lavender in the mid, which was nice. I quite enjoyed my day with this fragrance and would love to have a bottle in my collection. As already mentioned, I'd like to find it at a discount, but I do feel that it's fresh, enjoyable, and bottle worthy.
17th June 2017
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