The Cobra and the Canary fragrance notes

    • lemon, orris, tobacco flower, leather, hay, asphalt

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A scent that resembles an uplifting tart and dry citrus against a tar-like backdrop.

Where asphalt is usually irritating, harsh, and pungent, here it provides an unusually attractive (stark contrast) and compliment to the citrus. Been 4 years since I’ve worn this. Trying to reach for scents that have been unjustifiably collecting dust.

27th May 2022
For several years when my brother and I were growing up, our father's main mode of transportation was a Harley Davidson motorcycle that he'd spent countless hours customizing. He rode that bike in full leathers, even in the summer, and my initial impression of this perfume once the lemon note fizzed out was that it smelled exactly like my dad when he came home at night, wafting leather and sweat and motor oil and gasoline exhaust as he leaned down to plant kisses on top of our heads while we were doing our homework.

It was a comforting smell, one that I came to associate with all things dad—the love of the open road and of tinkering with all manner of machines. But this quickly becomes an assault , a nose-searing, headache-and-nausea-inducing mess, especially if you over apply. Then it's too horrible even to wait for the dry down, which I hear is supposed to be a swirl of florals against soft leathers. Good for those who get that. Me? Never in my life have I wanted something to disappear from my skin this badly.
2nd April 2022

From a sample:

Maybe it was subliminal programming from the title, but my first impression was imagery of 'snake-like' leather mixed with an accord of 'feathers'. Not the outdoors feather found on the ground hint, and not of a caged bird's perch above their bathroom, but more of what I imagine Tweety Bird smells like.

After typing this out it seems rather outlandish, but this is the image that I perceived for the initial 15 minutes. Transitions were smooth & rather unnoticeable, but kept the theme moving along.

Projection is rather strong, and sneaky, so I would assume 1-2 sprays from a full size bottle are ample. Longevity was average to good.

My wife enjoyed the smell of the nozzle, but was repulsed from the scent trail, so this is definitely a 'try before you buy' type of scent. But to my nose, this seems rather pleasant & relaxing so there is a wide range of frequency this fragrance plays on.
5th December 2021
This is my favorite from Imaginary Authors. Kinda smoky oud suede. Really early i felt there was a bit of a gourmandy sweet note mixed in that i wasnt quite digging, but that died about an hour in. For some reason it reminds me of dusty old books.
1st February 2020
I don't really like the usual, popular leather scents but I like this, so take that into consideration when deciding if this is worth your time.

Spiced, buttery opening. The heart is leather dominant but the leather note should be accessible to many and not as polarizing as some other very strong leathers that I've smelled before. There are also nice florals that compliment the leather. Just speaking from my own experience, I don't usually like leather as the main note but this one is nice and I enjoy it.

Good projection and longevity that lasts all workday.
15th November 2018
I really enjoy this, as i do most of the imaginary authors line.

Once this has settled down, i get quite a strong medicinal/plasters note (in a good way).

I get the leather, but wouldnt call this a leather scent.

It's not complex, and doesnt go on a real journey. But enjoyable for me none the less.
29th October 2018
Opens with a fresh and bitter leather; the leather is quite raw and I am surprised on how well it's blended with lemon; this stuff is really nice. Combining a dry but warm hay note with the leather and lemon is surprisingly good and lifts the composition to another level. The hay also brings a mentholated smell and the combination somehow reminds me of septic bandages and hospitals.
Within 2 hours, the smell shifts into a new direction; the leather, which seems to be more in the top notes mostly disappears, there are no more traces of menthol or hospitals, but the freshness remains there; it's still citrus and it's paired with a beautiful iris and a sort of a coconut/fig leaf that's milky and creamy.
By the 5th hour it shifts again as the freshness is gone and the leather comes back with a motor oil vibe; a weird combination, oily and creamy at the same time.
This and A City on Fire are the best Imaginary Authors fragrances for me, both being an unusual combination in a palette of mostly mediocre blended scents.
4th October 2018
A coarse, unpleasant fume, amatuer in construction. Avoid.
31st May 2018
Imaginary Authors TC&TC is an interesting and different take on leather-tobacco scents. The opening has a beeswax, grassy accord that gradually sweetens into a drier leather and fresh, raw tobacco. The leather heart notes are sweetened up with the tobacco but the fragrance still seems to be evolving in a dry, dusty direction. TCAC has a distinct outdoor feel to it, and most of the notes seem natural and maybe even "weathered", if a scent could be such a thing. As it wears it slightly reminds me of some of the Tauer line, in that it evokes an atmosphere within the scent. My bottle was part of a trade I made, and I'm not sure how much I'll wear this one. For now, a neutral rating for me.
8th September 2015
The Cobra and the Canary's acidic opening and slightly sweeter dry down lend credence to its name, and while I do regard the opening as undesirable, TCATC is definitely not as harsh as Bull's Blood in any phase, though TCATC's projection is more limited. The lemon note is the most obvious complementary note to the leather, putting TCATC somewhere between a leather chair and lemon pine sol on wood, neither of which I regard as flattering to smell at length individually, but together they do make for a creative leather scent. Imaginary Authors again crafts something different from the standard repertoire, which I respect, even if TCATC is not something I would purchase myself. I only warmed up to Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather recently, though, so my not being a fan of leather should be taken into account. TCATC's longevity is decent, as well, into the 6-8 hour range after which it become a skin scent. It never hurts to remind again that the Imaginary Authors EDP juice comes pretty cheap at $85 for 60ml (and at some sites, $55 for 30ml), so that always adds curb appeal to a scent you love, like, or can appreciate.

A fascinating scent, and one that leather fans should clearly flock to, as should those, like me, that continue to be intrigued by the Imaginary Authors line.

76 out of 10
10th March 2015
Review by BuysblindOne thing I'll give The Cobra and the Canary credit for is that when you smell it, you'll be able to detect most of the notes listed in its pyramid immediately. A very clear hay note and leather note sit right up front. Leather is one note I usually have trouble identifying, but I find the leather in this very true-to-life. it's not the leather of an expensive, designer jacket or pair of shoes, but something a little more rugged and worn. Next to it sits the hay, dry and aromatic, summer in a barn. Keeping in tune with the hay note, comes the tobacco--also dry, leafy, and fresh--the tobacco of unsmoked cigars and plantations, not pipes. These 3 notes work well together, and while they don't necessarily offer contrast or interplay, they create a certain warm, pastoral atmosphere that's comfortable and without disturbance. There's also a mineralic edge to the entire composition, which suits it fine, and stays in line with the drier, natural quality of the fragrance.I smell The Cobra and the Canary and I envision a barn in the summer, on a farm where tobacco's grown, with maybe some mountains in the background, or a stream passing through (this accounts for the leather, hay, tobacco and minerals). Reading about it, I see the perfumer envisioned a young man driving a Shelby Cobra (the leather and mineral...asphalt) smoking a cigarette, after picking up his friend from the family farm (the hay). Either story fits, and what you imagine when you smell this could be something entirely different. But you will pick up on the 4 main notes listed in the pyramid. They're distinct and presented well, if not a little obviously.I enjoyed this one and found it a pleasant, easy-going wear. Imaginary Authors succeeded in creating a very relaxed, personable fragrance. I'd have no problem throwing it on and heading out the door for an evening with friends.Thumbs up.P.S. For a darker, more challenging take on hay and tobacco, you may want to look toward Sova by Slumberhouse. And for a more complex, chic, and modern take on hay and leather, there's Cuir Pleine Fleur by James Heeley. All 3 are great options and it will really come down to what you're looking for at the moment.Pros: Easy to wear, relaxed, harmonious compositionCons: Maybe too simple for some"
5th October 2013