François Demachy:

This composition is as soft as a precious cashmere sweater. Powerful yet delicate white tea with a hint of smoke infuses a rosy note blended with a touch of maté. Thé Cachemire is as radiant as white flowers and as softly comforting as its cocooning musk notes.

Thé Cachemire fragrance notes

    • white tea, smoke, rose, white flowers, mat?, musk

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I'd describe this fragrance as a really fancy experiment, with a lot of dabbling in subtle elements meant to recreate the cashmeran note (aka "Blond woods"): Musky, woody, ambery, soft, smooth, reminiscent of wet concrete.

These are the panoply of notes used to compose the Thé Cachemire picture:

Top - bergamot, bitter orange, lemon, petitgrain
Heart - rose, white tea, honeysuckle, magnolia, black currant, hedione
Base - ise e super, smoke, mate, orris, musk

The result: A soft, tea-centric scent that isn't brash in any way, with a fresh white floral blossom finish. Thé Cachemire has a natural feel, no harsh synthetics at all.

It seems wearable for either gender, depending on how men would respond to the clear presence of white florals. Overall a decent, picturesque fragrance from Christian Dior.
1st December 2018