The Beach fragrance notes

    • Salty breeze, The boardwalk, Ozone, Suntan lotion, Seaweed

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A fun scent that doesn't seem to take itself too seriously. I enjoy wearing this. It seems sort of inspired by the creator's childhood memories of what a day at the beach smells like. This is more of a scent that works outdoors or for fun recreational times.

Firstly, the presentation/labeling has changed recently to accent the brand's 1950's Sci-Fi marketing that has a type of story telling. The old label was depicting a day at the beach and IMO, I prefer the original label art because it was more representative of the way this smells. This originally was a collaboration with the company 'Italian Barber' to make a shaving product to sell on various websites. The current products no longer depict Italian Barber on the packaging, which is probably what prompted the change in art.

This scent is sort of a 'niche' type of creation. The fragrance is linear and doesn't shift or change much. The notes are very easy to make out for me from strongest to least strongest....Ice Cream, Suntan Lotion, Sand, Salt, Ocean/Nautic and a distant wood note (almost like a boardwalk wood).

If you don't like ocean scents then this might offend, but if you 'do' enjoy nautic fragrances, this one could be a fun one for you. I really enjoy this scent but my brother didn't like this at all. There is a note that cloys a bit and hangs in the air persistently. It could be the mix of the suntan lotion + ice cream + oceanic notes. I enjoy the persistent scent this fragrance delivers.

Suffice it to say that longevity is not an issue. The aftershave/cologne alone is 8+ hours. Lasts all day for me. Also sillage is not an issue. It's projection fills small spaces easily and it doesn't seem to be a scent where people become anosmic to it, hence, the "persistence" I described.

Rating is 2.5 stars, but I don't want to give you the idea that it's mediocre. I really enjoy it and my personal rating is 3.5 stars out of 5. It is a situational fragrance for those times when I feel like it. I wouldn't wear this everyday, but it depends on each individual person. Maybe someone could want this scent daily. Also, the fragrance is persistent, so if someone doesn't enjoy it they might get annoyed by it like my brother did on a road trip. But I think the scent is fun. I really wanted it to be a fun road trip scent, but that didn't work out as I imagined. It doesn't stop me from wearing this at home and outside at the park, etc.
26th August 2020