Terre de Bois 
Miller Harris (2000)

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Terre de Bois by Miller Harris

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Terre de Bois is a shared scent launched in 2000 by Miller Harris

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Reviews of Terre de Bois by Miller Harris

There are 20 reviews of Terre de Bois by Miller Harris.

Not grounbreaking, not special in any particular way, but Miller Harris is a House I respectfully admire for employing high quality materials and for offering scents that do not follow trends at all costs.
I am reminded of the O de Lancome from the '70es in this Terre de Bois, I find again that lovely mixtures of herbs, earth, field flowers and galbanum. It can well be considered a unisex fragrance tending perhaps more on the masculine side but for me also perfectly feminine in its being so elegantly summery. Long lasting and not linear at all, with notes unfurling slowly from top to base, I would recommend it to all who love clean, but with something extra, scents for its discreet but majestical pyramid balance.

TdB slips in its submission for 90's style herbal Orientals at the final bell and it is a most welcome one. This does not strike me as a fragrance for serious people. It is an uplifting and even playful verbena and herbs affair over amber which begins beguilingly sweet and finishes utterly dry. The lime-like verbena is certainly the focus of this fun little Summery piece.

My most disliked perfume components are kitchen herbs and spices, juniper, sour lemon verbena, bitter galbanum, soapy notes, candied myrrh, and vegetal, metallic-y vetivers. Terre de Bois features all of those things and then, as a purely psychotic gesture, adds a saccharine pink cotton candy note on top. The culinary herbs combined with the sour vegetal / citrus materials come together to produce something that sits between partially digested food and rotting trash. Granted, there's soap present to inject an iota of cleanliness, but it doesn't exactly help much as the experience is akin to a mouthful of shampoo. Ultimately, this is everything I personally despise in perfume in a single package.

While I have to at least note that, like other releases from Miller Harris, this seems well put together, it's the stuff of absolute nightmares for me. As a soapy, bitter, sour, sweet, and extraordinarily dated-smelling EdC-style perfume, this is my absolute kryptonite.

Terre de Bois takes the Citrus/Verbena classic Eau de Cologne formula and tweaks it just a little... but enough to make it different and certainly interesting!

Immediately I get a lot of Citrus, Verbena and Vetiver... but it's also soft and slightly warm and sweet, with the addition of Galbanum to give it depth (think Chanel no. 19). The Vetiver and Herbs and Juniper are not loud or in-your-face. Instead they are very subdued and soft. The overall effect is very nice.

What I also love about this is the sweetness of it (the cotton candy note), this lifts up the perfume and gives it a nice, different take. I certainly like it, but my only complaint so far is that (even though I'm reviewing the Eau de Parfum), it doesn't last quite long on my skin, so I have to keep reapplying almost as if it were an Eau de Cologne. Either way, this is my first Miller Harris testing, I like what I've smelled here... and I will definitely expect many more good things from this house in the future!

I find this to be a pleasant but not outstanding scent.
It starts strongly in the verbena camp: lemony, basil, a bit of yeasty bread.
It opens into a dewy spring garden, full of green notes and some florals and a hint of wood. One might say that it is an earthy version of a EdC style of scent.
I find I have to apply it substantially in order to really get some of the notes. So, after a few applications, I detect a bit of fennel and some patchouli which is alternatively mint-like and earthy.

Have to admit that I bought this one heavily discounted. Doubt I would pay the niche prices for it as there are other fragrances similar to this that are better and cheaper (vintage Rochas Eau de PH, AdP Assoluta). Still, TdB has a natural smell, herb-of-the-earth, that's hard to come by. It's pretty much Verbena, Vetiver and Galbanum with a Patchouli/Woody background. Can't imagine what the EdP adds to the mix but the EdT is the one I have and it's very presentable.

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