Tentations fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Bergamot, Orange blossom, Pepper, Peach, Grape blossom, Vodka
  • Heart

    • Clove, Jasmine, Carnation, Orchid, Rose, Cinnamon
  • Base

    • Benzoin, Labdanum, Musk, Myrrh, Sandalwood, Tonka bean, Incense, Cedarwood

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This is for Lisle the enchantress who can never age in the movie Death Becomes Her played by Isabella Rossellini.the vintage Tentations is sweet,dark and from beginning to end the absolute spice blast.all flowers are hidden behind this wall of spices.a huge number of ingredients from fruit notes to flower ones,from resins to woods.the christmas connection is there in it's profusion of spices,resins, cinnamon,honey and fruit,plus flowers.it's like a fragrant christmas wreath that you hang on your door or well.

Sweet cinnamon,spicy carnation, boozy vodka,soft skinned pitted fruits,and warm resins all blended so well with gorgeous sandalwood,cedar and incense.so sensual,so creamy,so sweet. ultra sexy for a night at the opera,and a champagne nightcap afterwards.it is a sort of well-done experiment,while using 'dissonant' notes but gaining a beautiful music. popular modern perfumes with 5 notes of which 5 are aroma chemicals can't compete.my hats off to you, Sophia Grojsman!
3rd January 2022
The Leaf by Elizabeth Stanhope Forbes
31st March 2018

Full bodied creamy pink floral with a side of apple pie. Not tempted either way.

19th August 2017
If you love Cinnamon this is the right perfume for you mixed with gardenia Yummy Perfect for your Signifigant otherwho want's to suggle on a cold ChristmasEve By the fireside Very warm and sweet it will melt your heart.
16th August 2010
this is quite a warm and comforting fragrance. my mum used to wear it. unfortunately it is not available anymore.
3rd June 2009
This is a really beautiful fragrance and so similar in scent to the other fragrances (arpege and tresor) it was stored with, I had to check the official notes to the perfumes. Sure enough, they all share openings of bergamot and peach mixed with other florals (and now that I think about it, it's obviously missing Arpege's neroli and aldehydes and tresor's dark and syrupy rose.)Tentation's opening is made unique by the vodka note which is a bit sharp not not overpowering. The opening fades quickly into the middle notes: lots of florals, (tea roses, carnations, jasmine - a big bouquet of summer flowers) combined with pleasing and unexpected spice notes of clove and cinnamon.The base is dark, warm and resinous - a little sticky. There's a bit of a honey/vanilla scent - which is strange because it's not listed as a note. This is a mature evening scent. Beautiful, although I don't think it would be amoung my usual choices.
28th May 2009
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