Tenmoku I : Mei Hua San Nong 
Auphorie (2020)

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Tenmoku Collection is a special collection of scents inspired by the unique Tenmoku porcelain wares, named after Mt. Tenmoku (Mt. Tianmu) in Zhejiang Province, China. During the Song Dynasty, these porcelain wares were brought back to Japan by Japanese monks who studied Buddhism in temples in the region of Mt. Tenmoku, together with The Way of Tea.

Tenmoku wares are well-known for their unique and variable patterns naturally formed in the kiln due to the kiln effects. Such variation of patterns makes each Tenmoku ware a one-of-a-kind art piece. In this collection, we translated the visual sensation of Tenmoku wares into a novel olfactory experience in the form of fine fragrance.

The first member of the Tenmoku Collection, Tenmoku I – Mei Hua San Nong, is built around the centrepiece accord of Mei Hua (Plum Blossom) trilogy, i.e. three types of plum blossom, namely white plum blossom, red plum blossom and wintersweet (false plum blossom). The scent opens with notes of the traditional Qing Mei Jiu plum wine, followed by the Mei Hua trilogy. In addition to the plum wine and plum blossoms, there is also a specially built accord translated from an ancient recipe of the imperial incense of the Song Dynasty. This incense accord consists of agarwood, white sandalwood, a variety of precious resins, Ling Ling Xiang which is a traditional fragrant herb used in the making of Chinese incense, musk and ambergris.

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