Tendre est la Nuit Clair 
Majda Bekkali (2019)

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Tendre est la Nuit Clair by Majda Bekkali

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About Tendre est la Nuit Clair by Majda Bekkali

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Tendre est la Nuit Clair is a women's perfume launched in 2019 by Majda Bekkali

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Reviews of Tendre est la Nuit Clair by Majda Bekkali

There are 1 reviews of Tendre est la Nuit Clair by Majda Bekkali.

It has a retro somber luxury in it's tone and manner that would make it easily fostered by the trapped femme fatale personified by Rita Hayworth in a Welles seedy Noir,while drinking cognac and pondering,watching the objects around her cast their shivering shadows by a flaming fireplace,a little of charred wood creeping out,half hidden by woody lacqer screens of a Coromandel,the tinge of amber over cedar.if you love clove,and patchouli with a strong disposition towards fine ancient spices and heady orientals of the middle,and far east, chances are you will love Tendre Est La Nuit Clair.

It opens with an strong clove.heavy on amber note,with the green-spicy of the clove and patchouli persistent but not dominant throughout the whole development of the fragrance.moss and ambery notes come alive making you feel warm and cozy and so sexy. musky cedar turns into a creamy ambrette. while cloves spice this musky mix that bewitches and spellbinds.it is a fully potent woody scent that needs to be worn carefully. a sweet mixture of heaviness,wear this lightly in the colder weather or sparingly on pulse points. extremely autumn and a bit nostalgic-very mature and sexy in the same time.it is like a big warm hug from your lover, comforting but filled with eroticism.

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