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Tempo by Diptyque

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Tempo is a shared scent launched in 2018 by Diptyque

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Reviews of Tempo by Diptyque

There are 12 reviews of Tempo by Diptyque.

Tempo reminds me of being out in the woods, stepping outside in the morning and taking in all the smells of the wet grass, the water and the forest around me. Here the patchouli is more on the woody side likely due to the cedar note.

The pink pepper and cedar are both very discernable and blend well with the patchouli. Interestingly, for me this fragrance actually gets much fresher in the heart phase and I notice the bergamot and clary sage only after the first 30-45 minutes have passed. The drydown is essentially a sweetened light patchouli.

The overall effect over and over again is compellingly beautiful, a fresh faced patchouli scent never cloying nor leads to olfactory fatigue like many other patchoulis. This would be great for day and/or night wear in Winter and the pink pepper would allow it to hold up during even a humid summer night. Very good people's reactions.

Now THIS is a fragrance I can really love! I am not one to chase fragrances made by candle makers, or purveyors of room fragrances; however someone suggested I try Tempo and I'm so glad I did.

Wow...this fragrance is so me, it really is!! I'm not a fan of dark, syrupy patchouli fragrances, nor am I a lover of church-y, masculine incense notes. But Tempo seems to match the best of these worlds and for me, Diptyque gets it completely right!

Initially out of the bottle, I am not a huge fan. Not sure what to expect, I detect strong and overpowering PEPPER (not a fan) and citrus...like fizzy, hit my nose, overpowering pepper & fizz. Pushing through, a delightful blend of patchouli emerges, patchouli that is balanced by violet leaf, Cleary sage and mate. I imagine the mate, sage & violet leaf even out the intensely dark & syrupy nature that can be patchouli, thus contributing to the unique balance of this beautiful & delightful scent.

Not so sure what makes this read "incense" on my skin but for some reason, I frequently detect that fragrance, or note (which I love). Now, I am not a perfume expert but I imagine the addition of sage & mate give this fragrance its balance of herbaceous burning incense.

Hours into my application, I find myself sniffing my forearms & wrists. Hours in, wafts of smooth, soothing patchouli with mild incense elements frequently hit my nose. I would say longevity is pretty good at 6-8 hours and silage is moderate. This is not a fragrance that remains close to the skin, nor does it scream 60's hippie, or head shop. To my nose, while the patchouli is definitely present, the sum of the parts makes this fragrance special.

In general, I like this patchouli fragrance a lot. I'm going to give it a few tries because in the end, it may be full-bottle worthy for me.

The opening blast is bright and cheery, with bergamot and a violet-leaf-impression greeting me right from the start.

This friendly greeting leads over into the drydown soon, with a green slat appearing, which starts off a bit herbal; clary sage and whiffs of fresh grass are noticeable at this stage. Soon a fresh mate impression arises, but in never really moves into the foreground on me.

Then the main player makes its appearance, a bright and mildly crisp patchouli impression, which is probably the most important in the olfactory creation overall. Towards the end touches of white pepper arise, and whilst the intensity of the overall mix weakens with time, at the end the pepper, accompanied by a dusty and earthy-woodsy undertone constitute the final impressions the prevail on me.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection, and ten hours of longevity on my skin.

This spring scent is nice and pleasant, with few original touches that, however, are not particularly titillating. Still, it is crafted quite well, not too generic, and overall a good experience. 3/5

Tempo is a mature patchouli kept warm by mate and kept modern by a screaming pink-pepper-reinforced violet leaf that -- unfortunately because it's my favorite note in the composition -- is much more prevalent on paper than my skin.

The frag is unlike anything else I've smelled while the bergamot, violet, and pepper are around. Too bad they aren't around longer. At that point what is left is a patch/powder that is familiar but not a retread -- mature but not old. Unique, but not quite special. Right before the end, the powder clarifies into a warm lavender that rides into the sunset.

It's a perfectly nice patch that defies convention just enough to be an entertaining wear as well as eschew whatever associations patchouli brings immediately to mind.

Tempo, to me, is a mature, dusty, aromatic, spicy scent that stars patchouli, but not in a screaming way. Once you get past the busy opening (tea, bergamot, violet), this has a warm, comforting feel in the drydown. Too mature for me because of the patch but not a bad scent, not at all.

These mature smells don't feel good in high heat so Tempo seems best for cooler weather. Also, more dressed up than casual.

Performance is good, decent projection and longevity in the 7-8 hours range.

I really like this. It's got a slug of mate, which is a tea-lover's dream note, smelling of sweet, dried leaves. Also good nature-lovers, it has a dose of clary sage which imparts a clean, minty aroma. Violet leaf accents the green aspects of the patchouli. Pink pepper opens it up with a spicy airiness.

One would expect something nose-searing and dry, but no. Somehow, it manages to sweeten on the skin. How is that so?

I suspect the trick is to use patchouli isolates, in which the heavy, smoky, dirt and wood fractions are removed. Then they blend, blend, blend with complementary, lighter, fresher notes to achieve a phantom sweetness. Bravo, Tempo!

After I came to terms with the fact that many, many people detest patchouli, I gave up wearing the woody patchouli bomb of Santa Maria Novella Patchouli. But what then? It's hard to add sweetness to this note without going wrong. Vanilla can be too edible, too nauseating. Fruitchouli can, and does, annoy me very soon and very completely. I loved Coromandel until the EDP reformulation.

In Tempo, I've found a natural, honest patchouli that is stretched out over a framework of outdoorsy notes. It's discreet enough to wear in public. My sample did not project very far on my skin, but it was detectable for a long time. I will have to find a new bottle to evaluate its strength.

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