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Gallivant (2017)

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Tel Aviv by Gallivant

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There are 4 reviews of Tel Aviv by Gallivant.

This is my favourite of all the Gallivant perfumes in the Nomad travel/sample set. The opening smells like the beach in a Mediterranean country: aquatic, white florals, maybe ylang ylang and jasmine. (No citrus for me whatsoever, nor do I smell the blackcurrant bud.) After about 30 minutes, it becomes clean, crisp, bright, fresh, almost icy, a “cool air” smell like you get at the ice rink. On drydown: now perhaps some citrus is emerging, getting a tiny bit warmer though still cool and crisp, no longer chilly, slightly less aquatic. A hint of white musk; very sheer. I really like this one. Good longevity.

This smells like intense sunshine, in a hot, dry climate. Awesome clementine here! Little flower buds. There's a nice, natural sweetness to this fragrance.
The heart is a blur of flowers. Well made! Easy going. Friendly, even. I'd say ylang ylang stands out the most, and the best. And, I love me some ylang in my perfumes.
Musky wood, calming base. Changes gears completely from the heart phase, of florals. It is the sun setting in this hot, dry climate. Night-life begins to clamor, with sounds and coolness and pedestrian traffic flowing back and forth in semi-crowded streets. How interesting this frag is and it's evocative visions. Big thumb's up - 3 to 4 stars.

Easy going citrus opening, splashes of freesia and definitely musk. Crisp and bright, straightforward. Ends in a soft whisper of sandalwood and benzoin with just a tinge of the bergamot hanging on.

More of a full on sunshine perfume, when you need a good mood uplifter with sparkling white florals and citrus that isn't too overbearing. Longevity was decent, about 5-6 hours.

Gallivant Tel Aviv is primarily a floral composition, but it's green, unisex, and robust. It's underscored by citruses, musk, and a soft benzoin/sandalwood pairing in the base. I regard it as unusually agreeable for a niche release, seemingly appropriate for anyone anytime, and while that might brand it less daring, I see it as a rare entry that's signature scent worth for men and women alike.

The white floral aspects (ylang ylang, jasmine) shine the most, but blackcurrant and citruses provide for a fun, bright, sweet opening that eventually paves the way for the a very agreeable dry down of musk, benzoin, and sandalwood.

Like Brooklyn, Tel Aviv's performance is very good for a freshie, though in fairness, one should almost expect that at its pricing of $95 for 30ml.

7 out of 10

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