Teakwood fragrance notes

    • Mahogany, black teakwood, lavender

Latest Reviews of Teakwood

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I must have gotten bad bottles...

All the 2017 B&B were scentless.
Barely there even after overspraying.

I thought it was me and pulled out a Mahogany Woods and one spritz I knew it was the new scents and not my nose that had gone bad.
31st August 2018
Warm and spicy zoo
Treasures and memories in
Sandalwood and teak.
5th June 2017

If you are a fan of the mahoghany and teakwood candle they offer then you will love this fragrance. I know i love it for sure!! Has solid projection and longevity is decent as well. It is one of those scents that you know for a fact you are smelling good when wearing it.
26th May 2017