The company say:

Like hearing a captivating story for the first time, Tea Tonique’s energy infuses your surroundings without overwhelming them. Beguiling and cultured, it engages its audience with musical tones and an unpredictable nature. With an infusion of Italian Bergamot suggesting smoky birch tar, it is equally at home in the English countryside or a London café, rejoicing in the many-layered characteristics of an aromatic tea.

Tea Tonique fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Italian bergamot, Petitgrain, Lemon
  • Heart

    • Smoky tea, Nutmeg
  • Base

    • Mate, Birch tar, Musk

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A lot of scents made with tea in mind are centered around green tea. Green tea is my favorite kind, and Tea Tonique is actually also centered around green tea. I don’t like most scents with “green tea” in the title or advertised as a note, because so many of them are so heavily citrus it doesn’t actually smell like tea to me. Tea Tonique is more successful to my nose in smelling green like tea leaves than most of them. 

Tea Tonique feels unique in that it's a slightly bitter tea scent, but also satisfyingly sweet. It's noticeably "fresh," without being "sporty" or aquatic. At first there is a bitter note from the green tea & bergamot and mate. But it is very refreshing at the same time and it also mellows down a little soon. As the fragrance dries down it becomes warmer, but it's still a fresh tea scent. Totally, The tea & bergamot and mate are a very refreshing combo. And it's thoroughly unisex without leaning one way or another. I don't get a lot of sweetness from it, but it's also not overly tart, thanks to the floral undertone. The performance is average.
17th April 2023
A tonique to lift one's mood.

Tea Tonique bursts open with a really fresh, bright, natural smelling bergamot, flanked by the subtle smokiness of dry tea leaves. The soft floral nuances from the petitgrain work beautifully with the tea, giving it a genuine air of fullness.

This is a cheerful, light, easy wear (so those worried by the often pungent birch tar, needn't be; it's incredibly dialled back.) There's a mildly salty, suede-like, biscuity accord that makes one think of Digestives, sneakily nibbled from an Etro clutch bag.

If there is any nutmeg here, it only serves as a subtle warmer to the other notes.

The complete picture is one of Earl Grey and Digestives on a camomile lawn, under the shade of an Indian parasol.

If you love tea and biscuits, as I do, then you can't fail to enjoy this. It probably only lasts as long as tea and biscuits, too, wearing very close to the skin, but I think it's all the better for it.
14th October 2018