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Reviews of Tasmeem by Rasasi

There are 5 reviews of Tasmeem by Rasasi.

Tasmeem Men is a subtle but very present cologne which is pleasing to wear and is a great value find. It is a wearable, people pleasing versatile soft tonka musk that hums in a mid high register with pleasing complications. Similar to Midnight in Paris in aroma. It is not cloying or oppressive in any way, and is slightly too generically pleasant for my taste, but a beautiful presentation and great value, if you happen to like this kind of musk. Many will like it. I rate Tasmeem Men 6.5/10.
Jun 29, 2017

Sweet and powdery with a cumin kick at the beginning that settles down quickly.

It reminds me of two scents, Midnight in Paris and Versace Blue Jeans. Both sweet and powdery but unlike MiP you don't get the tonka and its smoother than the Versace.

Very good performance, projects even with minimal sprays.
Apr 27, 2017

Tasmeem Man doesn’t start out too promisingly, with a sweet, powdery floral musk that feels utterly generic and faceless. But I know that some Arabian cheapies (both oils and EDPs) need some time to settle before revealing their true character, and this was the case with Tasmeem Man.

Eventually the scent smoothes out into a sweet, powdery tonka-based scent, with a trace of rose and vanilla. I thought I also picked up a bit of cumin, which my husband confirmed when smelling it blind.

I quite liked Tasmeem Man, and it is excellent value. Tonka is a trendy note in modern masculine designer scents, so it reminded me quite a bit of other men’s fragrances, in particular, the tonka-heavy Midnight in Paris. However, there is something pretty cheap and generic about it that puts me off. It is partially the source material – there is often something a little cheap-smelling about the almond aspect of tonka and/or coumarin, to my nose at least. I also find it excessively sweet and powdery (with a hint of sweaty armpit lurking beneath).
Sep 26, 2016


If you have it (plus shipping) you will receive a 100 ml classy bottle that contains a healthy dose of:
Cardamon, Artemisia, Cumin (no.. not the armpit stench..ok a tiny bit)
Rose, Iris root...
All layered over a thick "curvy" base of Patchouli, Tonka Beans,
Sandalwood, Amber, Musk, and to sweeten things up, a very "powdery" Vanilla.

If you don't have $30 ( shipped) sell a bottle of one of those niches you'll never wear again, and you'll be able to buy 6 of these. Build a pyramid. Play perfume store.

It was meet that I should dribble out this review, if but for just one person who like myself, is (to say the least) a bit "down" on the Frags that some of the current houses are releasing and the price point they command.
If one person finds this-reads it-and decides that spending $21.69 (the cost of a 2ml decant of Tom Ford ANYTHING) is not going to have them eating ravioli out of a can on Thanksgiving Day; then that one such person should buy this.
If you don't like it-I think you will at least tolerate it...the bottle can always be used as a paperweight (maybe hold off on the other 5 for now).
No joke.
It's (the bottle) well made. Btw, I've seen hideous paperweights on eBay sell for $30.

When it first goes on.. It says "KA-POW!" or "ZONK!"
Remember those words that would fill that little black and white TV screen you had when you watched the original Batman & "The Boy Blunder" fight the Riddler?
Yes I was alive back then but I only wore my mom's Avon.

In other words-what you see is what you get:

A Cardamom/Cumin blast that soon tones down quite nicely to a softer still spicy/sweet powdery bouquet of stale florals.
Later I get a bit of musk & wood... But the spice and powder remain.
This is a "shower to shower" type of powder so man up.

Rasasi blended an oriental "middle-eastern" (whatever that means to you) EDP that's a tad sweet and smoother than I was expecting.
More or less masculine and overall quite spicy yet, still... a "Play-Doh"sweetness hovers.
Like a leg o'lamb served a la mint sauce. Minus the mint add the "Play-Doh" (even I'm confused).

Synthetic? Of course. Who cares? I mean really.. What isn't?
They're all either more or less synthetic but in the end, a banana is still a *banana.
All I'm saying is, for the do (re me), this is a good performer with adequate projection and descent longevity. On my skin 7 to 8 hours.

This is where I would normally suggest a sample 1st but I'm sure you've made the cerebral leap all by yourself. ;)

If you don't mind getting noticed in a crowd, or perhaps you collect paperweights..door stops? Heck, you can even send it back "...seek and ye shall find".
For the money...good enough for me- but I should mention here that leg o'lamb is my favorite carnage (I hope I can I mention that).



PS: *The IUPAC name for the synthetic banana compound is 3-Methylbut-1-yl acetate or isopentyl acetate.

Thought I'd forget didn't ya?
Aug 31, 2016

Great fragrance. Smells awesome with great sillage. Beautiful bottle. Can't beat the price ! Very happy with blind buy 😄.
May 28, 2016

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