Tangerine Vert 
Miller Harris (2004)

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Tangerine Vert by Miller Harris

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Tangerine Vert is a shared scent launched in 2004 by Miller Harris

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Reviews of Tangerine Vert by Miller Harris

There are 23 reviews of Tangerine Vert by Miller Harris.

A pleasant opening blast with a tangerine/mandarin core that is very agreeable and quite refreshing. Other citrus components, like lemon and whiffs of grapefruit acidity add a very gentle zest to it.

The drydown focuses and the greener side, with marjoram the main herb present; a grassy,
somewhat ozonic, undertone keeps up the brighter side. Floral notes, mainly geranium with touches of oleander lead into the final phase.

The base sees the citrus core nigh vanished, and a sweetish mix of moss and white musk lingers on until the end.

I get moderate sillage, adequate projection and five hours of longevity on my skin.

A nice citrus-based summer scent, nicely blended, with the somewhat limited performance being not unexpected in this type of scent. He base is a bit on the average side. On the whole it lacks the fresh blast and spritz of a summer Cologne, but it is uplifting nonetheless. 3/5.

Decent and masculine citrus

Interesting green take on citrus, opening with an orange peel tangerine smell with a slightly grubby green peel edge to it

Overall a very nice, memorable and classy smelling scent and a nice change from boring aquatic citruses that I would give higher marks to if it only had more longevity for it's hefty price tag

Pros: interesting green citrus
Cons: short lived

I would concur with the reviewer that said it reminded them of an orange soda....I know this is tangerine, but to me it had that same fake "not-so-good-for-you" smell to it. From a quality standpoint, I don't think it compares to Hermes Eau d'Orange Verte, although from my one sampling it did have slightly better longevity (not saying much as the former's is horrible)This would be a never buy for me as it's not really my type of scent, nor does it seem best in class. That said, it wasn't completely awful, so I'll give it a neutral

I was a little dissapointed with this one. It starts off with a fresh citrus blast, which unfortunately quickly becomes quite artificial. It smells like Fanta to me and then the drydown gets very soapy. Not very interesting.

Miller Harris Tangerine Vert gives you exactly what the title implies - tangerines and greenery. There's is some cheering to be done for the quality that is very apparent - these are spot-on representations of a tangerine and some pleasant leafy notes, but then again, it's just a tangerine and some pleasant leafy notes. These notes are linear, simple, and go away somewhat quickly, especially when you consider how long a pile of peels from the real thing will keep a room richly, citrusly, fragrant.Singlefloras (singlefruits?) can be magnificent soloists, center stage divas of the highest regard. Then again, they can also be surprisingly un-interesting, depending on the rendering. I can see this scent being very valuable in a Soylent-Green type future - a frag put into tree museums along with pictures of the (at that time) extinct tangerines, allowing one and all to know what "a real tangerine" once smelled like. Beyond such documentary usage, I don't get it.

Miller Harris Tangerine VertNotes: sicilian green tangerines, grapefruit, lemon, marjoram, geranium, orange, cedar, moss, sweet musk (from millerharris.com)Tangerine Vert starts with orange, tangerine, a mellow herbal accord, and soapy notes over a soft, sweet, but slightly leathery masculine musk. The structure of this fragrance is very much in keeping with traditional Eau de Colognes, except that TV is actually an EDP. As such, the top citrus notes are orchestrated to last a relatively long time. The scent is probably bolstered by synthetic citrus compounds, although the effect is a strikingly real tangerine fruit--juicy, sweet, acidic and vaguely bitter. TV is not a complicated or challenging fragrance. Despite its bright citrus quality, TV is actually quite calming, especially on days that are a bit hectic or anxiety-ridden. There is something about citrus that immediately catches one's attention, taking the focus off of nervous tension and putting the mind into the moment. TV successfully evokes "Tangerine" while being refined enough to wear as a personal fragrance. It is a great all-around, all occasion, warm weather scent, suitable for men or women.

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