Tam Dao Eau de Toilette fragrance notes

    • sandalwood, rosewood, cypress, ambergris

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This is essentially sandalwood essential oil. It smells great, but as Mistertaz points out, it's like anti-perfume because of its simplicity. There isn't much change as it dries down. It used to be one of my favourite scents when I first got into fragrances, but I don't reach for it as often anymore. Nevertheless, it still gets a thumbs up from me. If you're a fan of woody scents, this is a must-try.
1st March 2023
Straightforward to a fault, Tam Dao is a linear, muted sandalwood. Not unpleasant, but not virtuosic, either.
23rd January 2023

This is quite a linear and understated woody fragrance. It is not very exciting to me, but it is quietly humming along and feels comforting and grounding during the work day. It's so interesting as this scent does not intrigue me nor does it make me swoon, but at the same time it feels so comfortable to wear it, I feel like myself, just better. It definitely fits me. This could be my perfect work fragrance if I was slightly more excited about it. You get the idea. This is perfect for me - in theory. In reality, I don't want it. But I still like it - as a friend. I'm sure it will lurk around somewhere begging me to try it again, hoping I'll change my mind and take it in. Who knows, I might some day - when I come to my senses and stop chasing the outrageous gourmands, the bombastic orientals, the obnoxious florals and the fickle citruses.
17th September 2022
Tam Dao is sort of representative of the curve of meditation. We start in a sympathetic state, just seated and heightened: sharp, dry, freshly cut cedar, stimulating and bracing, but following this opening, it settles, evolves into a grounding single-pointed hum of voluptuous sandalwood, warm, still, and calm.

This is not showy or flashy, it is intimate and understated, but you will likely get noticed, if that matters to you. What should matter is that it feels good to you, pleases you, and makes you content. That should always be the ultimate objective in whatever you wear. Your happiness matters.

PRO TIP: Layer this on Nemat Sandalwood oil or Australian Sandalwood essential oil to anchor it and increase its longevity.
8th March 2022
Smooth, clean and elegant. Opens with a sweet creamy woody accord that smells more of rosewood than sandalwood to me, and soon settles down to a comfortable skin scent with good longevity but limited sillage. Unisex, but perhaps with feminine leanings, and almost an anti-perfume due to the linearity and simplicity. Recommended for lovers of blond woods and light incense fragrances!
20th September 2019
Kind of powdery creamy spicy, and woody. Feels basic, but nice. Upscale, classy, and understated. It is good.
20th July 2019
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