Tam Dao Eau de Parfum fragrance notes

    • sweet lime, coriander, ginger, woody notes, amber notes, sandalwood, cedarwood

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This was one of my favourites when getting into fragrances. This was 6 years ago. Now, I find it a bit boring and too similar to the smell of cedarwood essential oil. Why would I spend hundreds if I can dab on some essential oils for $20?
10th January 2022
Similar to EDT but feels drier, more bitter and peppery. I actually feel like the opening is closer to Womderwood. As it dries down, it departs from the CdG and becomes more like the soft, cool, woody EDT of Tam Dao.

Decent projection and longevity. You can smell it on skin and even slightly in the air for most of the workday but it doesn't push out a huge cloud or fill a room.
28th May 2021

Musky/creamy/spicy sandalwood (if not real sandalwood oil, the accord is done at perfection), with a subtle support of cedar and vanilla.
The performance is quite poor on my skin (I needed 3 sprays in a single spot to reach soft projection and barely 3 hours of longevity...). Real sandalwood oil has a quite subtle aroma, a dilemma for a perfumer. Here, the decision has clearly been made to keep it as the main player without crushing it with other ingredients, and probably without amping it up with synthetics either, to keep its purity. Might fit the bill for who looks for a linear 'scent bubble' kind of fragrance.
Who is looking for better value might want to go with a CdG fragrance (Wonderwood or Blue Santal) that are more synthetic smelling but also cheaper, with similar or better performance.
Overall an excellent sandalwood accord for a candle, but not really what I would call a perfume (as I would expect some development). Also, poor performance at Diptyque pricing doesn't help loving it and I cannot recommend that one, unless you get a great discount (but beware of the many russian fakes on ebay!!). Thinking that I paid half the price of this one for a tester of LV Sandalo makes the bill even more bitter. In a nutshell: just a like that gets downgraded to just ok because of poor performance.

Spring/Fall days, totally unisex, any age.

12th March 2021
I love the scent. Its my favorite right know. You get citrus in the opening, then as it dries down you get sandalwood and cedar followed by lesser amounts of vanilla and coriander underneath. Performance is just OK, but WOW is this a nice frag!
21st January 2021
Sandalwood EDP

Its a very sandalwood forward edp. Simplistic, boring. Yea, i suppose. But its nice. Its a nice sandalwood accord. There is only a shade of that pickle dust vibe, but its got cedar and amber in there. It doesnt try to go sweet. Unisex for sure. I prefer the EDT. There is added weight here, which atually helps, as the EDT is a bit light, but this one becomes a bit more muddled. Its got a natural feel and smell to it. Not harsh. Neutral.
6th September 2020
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