Take Me to the River 
4160 Tuesdays (2019)

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The company says:

Our first fragrance of the pair is based on the Talking Heads live 1980s version of Take Me To The River.  We wanted to capture by the feeling of an irresistible attraction to someone who's very bad for you but that you don't want to give up, not yet.  If you've been there, you're probably very glad to be out of it, and maybe look back with a certain fondness but much more relief.  Do listen to the song to get the idea, but we asked our Facebook group, 4160Tuesdays News, what it should smell like.

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There are 2 reviews of Take Me to the River by 4160 Tuesdays.

Take Me to the River is the result of a 4160 Tuesdays Indiegogo campaign (along with Wash Me in the Water). River is certainly the bolder, more audacious, more nighttime and cold-weather-apt of the two, with Water being the fresher, aquatic, and more agreeable. Both are beautiful in their own ways.

River is like a rocker’s delight, a mix of whiskey, leather, roses, lipstick—it’s edgy, sweet, boozy, floral, and dirty all at once, evoking a fun night out of indulging and imbibing (how we long for those days now).

The rose and lipstick aspects are not so prominent as to make this exclusively a feminine offering—it’s really an interesting unisex mix that could work for anyone except perhaps the very young. And while provocative, it’s not dark or dense to the point that it cannot comfortably be worn in daylight, or even in slightly warmer weather, though for me it’ll be a perfume I generally wear in cooler weather or perhaps (as now) indoors.

River is one of Sarah’s many brilliant creations, a fusion of real-world memories and experience with fragrant fantasy, and well worth looking into, especially for the 4160 Tuesdays faithful.

I do not believe Take Me to the River is sold in the US anywhere but it is sold on the boutique site at 150/70GBP for 100/30ml, very much standard pricing in the line.

8 out of 10
Mar 25, 2021

Delightful long lasting fragrance made with notes that resemble the journey of a very long Saturday night out partying till the early hours of Sunday Morning.

The accords of raspberry jam, wine, leather, cognac, rose, tobacco & musk dance together in harmony throughout the journey of the fragrance in a subtle but persistent way.

There are waves of sweetness, leather, tobacco & alcohol very well executed and long lasting. Nice & addictive...

Thumbs up!
Jan 26, 2020

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