Taj Sunset fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Alphonso Mango, Blood Orange,
  • Heart

    • Watery Blossom, Sweet Primrose, Raspberry,
  • Base

    • Coconut Cream, Musk, Sandalwood.

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Latest Reviews of Taj Sunset

Sweet and fruity, with mango dominating from start to finish, with some citrus fighting to get noticed. Not much development after it hits the skin, and I get three to four hours longevity. A cheerful and uncomplicated scent, great for summer, worth trying if you are looking for something mango-centric.
28th April 2015
l tried this while on holiday last summer, just out of curiosity, as it was being heavily touted everywhere. As you might expect, it's a juicy, tropical fruit cocktail of a fragrance. l'm giving it a neutral because it's not something l would buy, but l have to admit, it is very refreshing & kind of fun. A smile in a bottle.
23rd February 2012