Taif Rose 
Illuminum (2011)

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    • otto rose
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Reviews of Taif Rose by Illuminum

An extremely pretty, realistic rose.

The focus here is definitely on a really proper, expensive-smelling rose essence. It's a touch fruity on top, with a pinch of juicy apricot and sparkling lime. There's clearly geranium doing most of the work supporting the rose, with its floral green leafy smell and subtle dark undertone. Meanwhile, verbena provides continuity to the bright citrus on top, while a very subtle hint of saffron comes in late and amplifies the quiet dank of the geranium.

I've said in many reviews that I think the best way to use a proper natural essence is to let it shine and carefully support its beauty without overwhelming or cheapening it, and Taif Rose gets this perfect. For lovers of expensive-smelling realistic rose perfumes, this is a worthy sniff.
Jul 25, 2020

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