Taif Aoud 
Roja Dove (2014)


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The fragrance is exclusive to Fortnum & Mason.

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Reviews of Taif Aoud by Roja Dove

A great cool-weather floral-oud scent from Roja Dove! Taif Aoud is meant to pay an ode to the classy, triple-centenarian Fortnum & Mason store, headquartered in Picadilly, London. (This scent smells VERY similar to another of Roja's commemorative fragrances, UAE Spirit of the Union - both are rosy-musky-oud offerings at heart, departing at distinct points enough to be different).

Taif Aoud contains a fairly tamed agarwood, dressed up with fruity and sweet touches (a safe decision by Roja perhaps, to make the oud more "accessible" to the masses). Bright clove and deep herbal patchouli liven things up, and aldehydic notes add a surprising marine touch that is atypical for MOST oud scents (Fragrance du Bois did try that idea out, inter alia).

Overall, this one is a ferris wheel of a fragrance, presenting its neigboring accords in a constant sort of movement, never staying linear and steady. It's pleasant, but one I'd probably never pay full price for a bottle.

Jan 26, 2019

When I applied it, the immediate top blast included oud indeed, with a dark brooding rose and an unusually rich bergamot - a beautiful and rich triad that makes for a nice opening. Then it turns floral, with jasmine, whiffs of oleander and geranium prominent. The base adds a touch of clove-based spiciness and runs into a dark patchouli and a tonka base. The latter phase is not bad, but a touch ordinary and generic and not as good as the top notes on my skin.

This scent is autumnal in its feel, with strong sillage, very good projection and eight hours of longevity. Although it does not keep up the initial great impression and oud-rose combinations are not exactly unusual these days, overall it is well done and deserving of a positive score. 3/5
Jun 30, 2015

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