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A rich olfactive tapestry interwoven with three different types of golden tobacco, honeyed florals and spices to give a luxurious golden aura.
For this composition I’ve revisited techniques used in the followin bestselling  compositions namigly: Aurum D’Angkhor, Irisoir, Tabac Grande, Moonlit Reverie amongst others. By creating this extremely complex composition I wanted to pay homage to everything I’ve learnt thus far and apply them in to one single composition to explore the possibilities...... this is the final result Tabacaurum.

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There are 1 reviews of Tabacaurum by Sultan Pasha.

This is probably my favorite Sultan Pasha creation. Outside of tobacco and honey, which I find are the most noticeable components of this blend, the numerous other ingredients are blended too well for me to coherently dissect. I do pick up a very nice natural oud and sandalwood when I focus my attention. In my college days, I had a roommate that would smoke hookah and burn Nag Champa incense every night. A sweet scent cloud would permeate the entire house, and this attar brings me back to those times. The nostalgia factor is what elevates this above the numerous other Sultan Pasha compositions that I love.
Apr 21, 2021

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