Tabac Vert fragrance notes

    • pepper, bergamot, rose, jasmine, carnation, amber, tobacco, cedarwood, sandalwood, oakmoss

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Pleasant slightly cloying most definitely unisex sweet bergamot rose carnation. Fairly linear.
If you like this but want to smell masculine then Tom Ford For Men is a masculine spicy version of this and far more enjoyable.

17th August 2022
Now this is a scent I could imagine Humphrey Bogart would have worn in that movie Casablanca. It has a charming enigmatic old world sophistication vibe. Just like you have walked out of a classy barbershop in the 1940's.

It opens up with a mentholated bergamot which is soon followed by oakmoss and a slightly honeyed green tobacco. As time moves towards the heart the florals appear right on cue adding a sensual depth to the green moss and tobacco. As we move towards the base after many hours, cedar and sandalwood become more apparent.

All these soft spicy notes are wrapped up in a lovely shaving cream and slight talc accord. And this is the most complex one I have smelled from Rogue. The quality of the ingredients are most impressive and this smells very lovely and is easy to wear.

All in all if you are tired of modern synthetic shallow chemical fragrances and want to smell like a refined old school gentlemen then this is your scent. Wonderful!
1st January 2022

Like the epitome of manliness,loaded with sophistication but with a softer heart.another winner from Rogue Perfumery.feels very masculine and confident.kind of smoky mysterious. very different from usual everyday perfumes. though for some i can understand the nostalgia with it in cuban cigars.mature women love fragrances like this.there is nothing unisex about;this is as overtly masculine as it's grown up and smart,a comforting reminder of what men have forgotten and boys are no longer taught.

From the opening a spicy,citrus blast assaults the air,quickly drying into herbs and carnation,all the while supported by spicy notes.there is tobacco mixed with oakmoss, patchouli,amber and a sandalwood fact it's like the fireworks of different notes and spices and you would be greeted with different moods of this scent as it progresses towards the dry down.but it always retains it spicy,warm tobacco flavor.the result is an herbal,warm, mossy.spicy tobacco made for warm evenings spent drinking but if a lady should come your way she will like it too,in that rugged sexy sorta gets a two thumbs up from me.
15th October 2021
Tabac Vert is a modern perspective on an old-school style wood-chypre & tobacco fragrance. The opening is short and sharp, with bergamot and pepper blending in with a field green tobacco. Nothing cigarette, pipe or humidor like here, but more a field tabacco note. The opening quickly blends into a floral middle featuring equal aspects of rose, jasmine and carnation with none being overly distinctive. With oakmoss and amber in the base it develops in a boozy direction and reminds me of an 80's style scent, but without the 80's powerhouse brashness. I also detected a lot of dry cedarwood note through the middle and dry down. It's quite masculine and very pleasant to wear. Sillage is average to below-average as it begins to wear, but you'll a decent work-day's longevity and I could detect it well into the evening. I like this and give it an easy Thumbs Up.
8th April 2021
"Now Lord let thy servant depart in peace....", well I think I have found my new signature fragrance, so the journey once more comes to an end. I haven't been around much for the past five years because I was pretty convinced that there was, "nothing new under the sun," fragrance-wise. I was not impressed with so many derivative and uninspired mens' fragrances that have been thrown at us by the commercial market. Well, Manny Cross, virtually a one-man-band, who says unabashedly that he is not commercial, has come up with Tabac Vert and he has changed everything. This is the best fragrance I have encountered since original Patou Pour Homme or Villoresi Uomo (but it is nothing like either of those). It is a lightly spicy carnation, mossy, amber and sandalwood shaving cream scent that is so intriguing and manly that I can't believe this magic potion exists. It has both sparkle and warmth. You can dress it up or dress it down, but it's best when you are at your best. This is a truly inspired fragrance that defies a notes pyramid. For me the tobacco note comes out almost like a ghostly shadow presence toward the latter stages of the development. It is never overpowering but is it not shy either. So I have found a new signature scent and I am most content. The only thing that I can think of that might rock the boat is Rogue's own Bon Monsieur. Hmmm, we will have to see.
10th February 2021
I really like the opening : it's fresh, with green, citrus (bergamot?), is there some jasmine/white floral to lighten it ? smell of dry twigs, dry oak leaves, tobacco. A leather note. Now sandalwood, and another wood (pencil shavings). I get the amber (sweet amber, rather than salty-skin ambergris), but not the pepper. This is a YES.

This is my favourite Rogue now, by a long way. I'm glad I am enjoying this so much, since I wanted to like Manuel's scents, but hadn't really got a feel for any of them until this one.
23rd November 2020
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