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Sonoma Scent Studio (2009)

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Tabac Aurea by Sonoma Scent Studio

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Tabac Aurea is a shared scent launched in 2009 by Sonoma Scent Studio

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Reviews of Tabac Aurea by Sonoma Scent Studio

There are 31 reviews of Tabac Aurea by Sonoma Scent Studio.

A good, lighter, blonde(r), virginia/burley cigarette-type tobac to me. Raisin-esque sweetness. Cloying risk. Application is key: just a little and under clothing. Resinous, amber/labdanum base much like some of my other likes from the house.

Creamy vanilla sweetness with a spicy-warm, sticky brûlée shell. Tobacco leaf is definitely present but is not on the forefront, rather it's a supporting player that is always present. Woody musk and sandalwood overtake the tobacco, and buttery soft leathery amber waft in. The alcohol never quite burns off and leaves a stinging astringency.

Tabac Aurea is gentler, pleasant counterpart to Voyage d'Tabac by West Third Brand which is a screaming synthetic and weirdly sweet scent.

I know that there are no booze notes listed but the opening of this scent smells like fresh / wet tobacco and the sort of boozy scent that skin breathes out after a night of drinking whiskey. It's not necessarily a bad smell - I think it replicates the scent of tobacco much more realistically than other, sweeter tobacco blends.

I found the opening pungent but interesting - I was a little worried that I smelled too hungover for my morning class today. The drydown is lovely - more of a dry, woody tobacco with a smooth base of sandalwood and warm ambery leathery notes that all blend together. Luckily the vanilla / amber / musk doesn't go sweet on my skin, and the labdanum doesn't make it go too powdery leathery. I thought this would be more of a fall scent but it's an unusually warm and humid day in October and the sandalwood / tobacco drydown is blooming on my skin!

Like many scents from Sonoma, this is lovely and well crafted but at times a touch too photorealistic to be easily wearable. I plan on wearing it, though perhaps only venturing out after the boozy stage has died down a touch.

I gave an extra sample pip to a classmate who loves the smell of her grandfather's old tobacco pipe - she loved it! Here's to scent memories and the scents that call them back! :)

I'll have to be the lone dissenter at this point. This must have the same base as Winter Woods because it smells just like it to me. It possesses the same harsh, metallic, screechy, cold, synthetic vibe. Plus the sillage and projection are totally overwhelming. Plus it lasts forever which is a bad thing for me. But, everyone has different likes/dislikes. This one simply doesn't work for me at all.

To my nose, the initial tobacco note is that of unscented roll-your-own pale tobacco, acquiring a more aromatic, pipe-tobacco quality as the scent progresses. The accord is very nice if a tad too smooth - I find it not as masculine as the tobacco in, say, Aramis's Havana, C&S's Cuba or Davidoff's Zino. Other prominent notes are leather and a heavyish sandalwood/amber combo which the folks at Sonoma seem to have an affinity for. All notes blend well into a full-bodied and well-done scent, but the drydown is perhaps a bit too heavy and too close to the skin. I wouldn't mind more tobacco in the drydown. Oddly, during the first 5 minutes Tabac Aurea comes across as a mix of Annick Goutal's Duel and Sables, with some of the citrus replaced by tobacco.

This stuff is great! It's got that pipe tobacco smell made famous by Tobacco Vanille, but it handles it quite differently. That pipe tobacco smell is actually a clever mix of cedar, honey, and chamomile - Tabac Aurea plays up the woody aspect instead of the sweet aspect that most scents of this type tend to exaggerate. As such, it's like the smell of an old-school pipe tobacco store mixed with burnished woods, a touch of smoky pine tar leather, some boozy rum, and incense. It works really well and is perfect for people who like that tobacco smell but don't like gourmands.

Realistically, this sits comfortably in the same family as Tobacco Vanille, Ambre Narguille, and Back To Black. It's very much worth noting that all of those sell for around $300, while you can get a small bottle of Tabac Aurea for about $40. I know there are people who peruse these reviews looking for little known inexpensive scents that smell like very costly, top-notch perfumes - this is very much one of those. Well worth checking out!

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