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Symphonie-Passion by Unum

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Symphonie-Passion is a shared scent launched in 2016 by Unum

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Reviews of Symphonie-Passion by Unum

There are 4 reviews of Symphonie-Passion by Unum.

Winter in Flanders by Valerius de Saedeleer 1927
It may be black and white

Filippo is also a musician, more properly an organist.

He regularly holds concerts all over the world and inserts,
in addition to the conventional repertoire, the art of improvisation.

Among the famous inventors of this discipline is Marcel Dupré,

organist who lived between 800 and 900, born in Rouen (Normandy) and lived in Paris.

Filippo dedicates the fifth fragrance to Dupré and his Symphonie-Passion,

four-stroke opera born as an improvisation during a tour

in the United States and transcribed in three years by Dupré himself in 1921.

Considered almost "non-playable" music due to its difficulty,

Symphonie-Passion evokes exactly the smell that Philip warned

when he himself, on a journey to Rouen, approached the lighted organ of the basilica of St. Ouen where Marcel Dupré was present at the executions of his
father and where he later returned as a great established organist,

recognized all over the world.

That damp and dusty wind, fresh and spicy musky,

which also evokes mechanical and wood gears and coming from inside the instrument, is fixed in the memory of Filippo, who proposes it as extrait de parfum.

Flacon and stopper are faded to remember just the material and the color

of the body of that organ.

Well he did it. I smell a woody, damp instrument in a church.
Oiled gears,smell of a cashmere sweater not used for some time. every note is present but in such a way as not to overpower the other. sometimes there are scents of lemon but light, wet wood, cedar wood but not invasive, a vetiver not clean as in ennui noir, very sandal but also light here ... slight smell of peony ... little imperceptible moss.
non-acre lemon, cashmere, and damp wood win over everything gently. a smell of an old church bench mixed with a little used musical instrument, the smell of a priest who confesses you, perhaps the smell of a confessional.
a mystical, meditative scent. another great masterpiece. not a sillage bomb but a lot of longevity. 8/10.
only applause.

Symphonie Passion is surely a more urban Unum's aromatic experience. Supremely woody-cardamomish. Finally a dynamic (and more ordinary) scent from this "appalling" italian house, something closer to a banal office (or meeting room) than to liturgic and esoteric dodgy ambiences. A cedary-spicy (vaguely pencil shavings) vetiver for us. I get mostly cardamom, lime, vetiver, pine, bergamot and virginia cedar. Peony enhances the general "watery-aquatic" (but never ozonic) atmosphere. Honestly I don't see how could not be listed cardamom which is heady on my skin on the side of vetiver. I agree with Alfarom, I was expecting something more "spectacular", something like a floral/fruity symphony or stuffs like that but all I get is a sharp, wet, earthy, salty, cedary vetiver (elegant and austere). Yes I get the Sycomore's reference but mostly I pick up connections with "early bird" scents (each one for specific reasons) a la 7 de Loewe, DsQuared2 He Wood, KenzoAir, Terre d'Hermes, Rouge Bunny Rouge Tundra, CdG Wonderwood or Clive Christian X for men (vaguely Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet at the very least). Dry spicineness gives for a while a frankincense's illusion but this is basically the effect elicited around by black pepper/cardamom combined with the sharp vetiver's earthiness. This aroma is classy, fresh, aromatic, somewhat natural, distinguished and clean. Arid/stuck cedary sharpness is "watered down" by a "fluidy" and more fizzy vetiver-cardamom accord (remotely reporting on mind the Cartier Declaration/Frapin L'humaniste's sparkling-liquid exoticism). Dry down is even saltier and sharper. A solid day-time formal fragrance surely specific for business and office.

Symphonie Passion is basically a riff on the Encre Noire / Sycomore theme. Less sharp and synthetic than the former but also less plush than the latter. It's like if Sycomore was released as part of the Hermessence line. It's a diaphanous, kind of watercolor-y take on a modern woody-vetiver with distant watery floral facets. It's neither groundbreaking nor novel but I'm admittedly a big sucker for airy and fresh woody vetivers so I admit I like this one as well. Scent-wise there's really not much else to describe or say but there are a couple more aspects of this fragrance I'd like to point out.

1) With a name such as Symphonie Passion I honestly expected a big floral and as much as I generally struggle with big florals, my mind still refuses to connect the scent-profile of this composition to its name / concept.

2) This is a light and airy / transparent vetiver which is something that clashes with the fact it's marketed as an Extrait De Parfum. Nothing about Symphonie Passion is even vaguely classifiable as an extrait.

Downline: I like Symphonie Passion, I really do but it's conceptually not coherent so, in the end, I'll probably pull the trigger only if I'll ever stumble on a serious deal because even though I like it, let's face it, the market offers loads of extremely similar fragrances at a fraction of its price.

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