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There are 1 reviews of Symmetry by Sarah Baker Perfumes.

ln the opening phase, this is very much a woody fragrance with a slightly animalic flavour, & that "band aid" type of oud. The listed wood note is cypriol, also known as nagarmotha, which apparently has aspects of oud, cedar, tar, patchouli, smoke & leather. l'm definitely getting all of these impressions, & it seems this note is overpowering everything else on my skin, because l'm not getting the listed citrus notes at all, although there is a certain freshness here for the first twenty minutes. After this, it mellows into a slightly sweet, smoky, incensey, woody heart, & the initially strong projection softens considerably. Five hours in, there's been no further change, but it's still faintly there after thirteen hours.

This one is supposed to combine a cologne-style fragrance with an evocation of "the bustling markets of the Ancient World". lt's an interesting idea, but l wouldn't call it remotely cologne-like, & my imagination tells me to expect something a lot spicier from that description. lt is, however, a nicely autumnal fragrance that leans masculine but is easily unisex.
Aug 22, 2021

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