Swiss Army Forest for Men 
Victorinox (2012)

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Swiss Army Forest for Men by Victorinox

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Swiss Army Forest for Men is a men's fragrance launched in 2012 by Victorinox

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Reviews of Swiss Army Forest for Men by Victorinox

There are 2 reviews of Swiss Army Forest for Men by Victorinox.

Really nice stuff, It's a light version of Polo Modern Reserve. That being said, It's less rich, have an aquatic accord for sure, but It's green/Piney all the way. As if It was a reformulation of Polo Modern Reserve, for the 2010s.
Definetely for the ones that think Polo is extravagant/dated and Modern Reserve is too much, but really appreciate a good green pine note.

I'm thrilled to be the first to write a review on this one. Forest has little details on it around the internet, and on fragrance forums. you could say I took one for the team in buying this. I spent 25 bucks for the 3.4 oz bottle through fragrancenet. First and foremost, bottle. Really nice bottle. Dark green glass, sleek, with an unfinished wood base and cap, it even had some small shards of wood in the box that came off from the cap or base. The cap fits a bit loose though.

Onto smell. Upon initial application.. yes! There it is, pine, pine pine, and lots of lemon. Although it quickly fades into, to me, what smells like lavender more than anything. Within a couple minutes, this sweetness emerges coming from a powdery accord, and takes me down a route I don't wanna go. The dry down smells like a dirty diaper.

For comparisons, I'd say the opening may be slightly similar to Givenchy Gentleman Only, while the dry down is similar to the original Kanon, or possibly Royal Copenhagen. It lasts about 4-5 hours on me, and projection is below average, but pretty massive projection for the first 3-5 minutes.

The first 5 minutes here is the best. The pine/lemon combo is really nice. I had high expectations with this one, but was let down. I wouldn't mind the crappy dry down if the top notes lasted longer. Problem is that the dry down begins around the 10 minute mark, and keeps going until 5 hours later. I'll be reapplying this A LOT just so I can smell these wonderful top notes over and over.

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