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Sweet Tea by Elizabeth W

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Sweet Tea is a women's perfume by Elizabeth W

Reviews of Sweet Tea by Elizabeth W

There are 5 reviews of Sweet Tea by Elizabeth W.

Green tea essence mixed with a pinch of citrus and lightly spiced with mace, supported with honey. This is similar to, but much better than Barney's clunky Route De The. Elizabeth W gets the mix better, never smelling so much like green tea essence that it ends up like cheap spa products, and using the mace to balance out the citrus perfectly. That being said, this is fairly simple. It's utterly pleasant and would likely make a fantastic room diffuser or candle scent, but despite its well achieved balance, it's just not as compelling as I'd like a proper perfume to be. It smells like the unexpectedly pleasant scent they'd use in the bathroom at an expensive Thai restaurant, but not really a full-on perfume.

Lovely but very light. I thought it conjured up the beverage quite well.

I've been looking for some time for a black tea scent, one that Just Smells Like Black Tea... and this is not it. I'm a Southern girl, and I grew up on sweet tea. My husband insists that we have sweet iced tea in the refrigerator at all times; I make a gallon of it every two or three days. So I was excited to find elizabethW's version available online. The customer service people there were kind enough to send me a free sample in the mail.This smells only vaguely of tea; it's more lemon and honey than anything else. It's light and refreshing, and I can certainly understand its popularity, particularly for a summer fragrance. However, I was touched to find that the scent reminds me very strongly of my grandmother -- who never, to my knowledge, wore any perfume that I can remember. She's 89 now and still avoids perfume in favor of lightly scented lemon soap. I may indulge in a travel-size bottle of this, if only to keep a reminder of Nell on my dresser.

This is fresh, sweet, cold tea with lots of sugar and a tiny bit of lemon. It's a wonderful fragrance for a very hot day, especially after a bath or a swim. It makes me crave a nice glass of tea!

I understand that Sweet Tea is a most popular product for elizabethW (yes, they use a small e and cap W), and it is precisely what it claims to be: sweet tea, nothing more, nothing less. The tea part is fine; it smells like Lipton black tea. The sweet part imparts simply too much honey. Put one check mark next to "cloying" and one next to "boring." I find Carthusia Io offers more personality and depth.

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