Sweet Pea fragrance notes

  • Head

    • sweet pea, watery pear, logan berry, rhubarb
  • Heart

    • cyclamen, freesia, raspberry
  • Base

    • musk

Latest Reviews of Sweet Pea

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This was one of my go to fragrances in college (along with Garden Botanika Purity) and my college boyfriend absolutely loved it. I rarely wear it now, though some friends and family still buy it for me. I still enjoy it's flowery sweetness on occasion. I often like to put on sweet fragrances as I'm heading to bed and this is one (Fantasy is my other bed time favorite, though I never wear it during the day).
9th December 2014
I really enjoy this fragrance, on my first trip to America I found Bath and Body Works and loved this scent. When I returned later on I went back and stocked up :) The scent is light and feminine and sweet which I really love.
26th May 2012

Yes - Sweet Pea is very sweet .And as it is most likely designed for the 14-20 year old girl demographic ,it seems to succeed at it's mission.The lotion is nice -very sweet and long lasting scent (someone abandoned a partial bottle at work -so I tried some) .I have since bought a travel size set .I consider this scent (and brand ) to be in the cheap and cheerful/ fun buy scents.
26th May 2011
A very sweet, one-trick pony. It's not sugar-sweet, but rather flower-sweet, and while it isn't particularly offensive to the nose, there's nothing special about it. I imagine that the musk anchors it just enough from turning into something unpleasant; the freesia, rhubarb, and raspberry are lost in it, which might be a good thing. It doesn't have much of a personality and doesn't match most people, but on one of my friends -- an optimistic but quiet girl -- it's somehow just right.
24th September 2009