Sweet Lemon 
Jo Malone London (2011)


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Sweet Lemon by Jo Malone London

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Jo Malone London
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Created as part of the Limited Edition Tea Collection.

Fragrance notes.

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There are 2 reviews of Sweet Lemon by Jo Malone London.

The name is fitting: it starts with a clear sweet lemon; not that bright but quite intense. A good sweet lemon.

Very swiftly a nine of fruit is added. A pleasant pineapple arises, very balanced and not too sweet. Ripe peaches are also present, and a lovely impression of ripened Williams pears appear transiently too.

Toward the end a woodsy undertone is detectable - cypress and whiffs of pine - the latter very faint though.

I get moderate sillage, good projection, and six hours of longevity on my skin.

A nice scent for cooler summer days, with a Good rendering of the sweet lemons. Fruity, a bit linear and lacking depth, but crafted well. 3/5.

This one is discontinued. I tried a spritz from a friends bottle, being curious about its delicious name.

Fragrance notes:
Top = sparkling lemon, bergamot, rhubarb;
Heart = pineapple, freesia, peach;
Base = cypress, cedar, musk.

Pineapple and lemon are the most dominant notes in Jo Malone's "Sweet Lemon." Even with edible rhubarb and peach notes, the sum of this fragrance smells more like a lemon heavy nominal scent versus a gourmand tea formulation. Pineapple stands out rather strongly, a strange sensation that tips this scent in a more tropical direction. Ends up smelling like herbs and woods with a tiny bit of citrus.

Not quite the typical lemony eau de cologne type scent, but a slightly layered, citrus-spicy-woody creation that, to me, barely reminds me of a tea I'd drink (unless it's an herbal, semi-sweet lemon one!). Still, it's decent, though it doesn't blow me away like Sweet Lime & Cedar (also by Jo Malone).

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